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Yasaka is the powerful nine-tailed fox youkai and leader of the Kyoto youkai faction. She is an extremely formidable being on par with an Ultimate-Class Devil. Yasaka is the loving mother of Kunou, grooming her daughter to potentially succeed her as leader one day.

Little is known about Yasaka's past, except that at some point before the Occult Research Club visited Kyoto, she was captured by the vile Hero Faction for their sinister purpose of opening the Dragon Gate to call forth the apocalyptic beast, Great Red.

Personality and Appearance

Front view of Yasaka wearing her usual outfit
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Yasaka exemplifies the grace and poise expected of a powerful youkai leader in both manner and appearance. In her human form, she appears as an incredibly beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, piercing golden yellow eyes, and very long blonde hair tied in a loose spiral ponytail reaching her legs - a symbol of nobility.

Yasaka typically dons a traditional red-and-white shrine maiden outfit under a long white coat tied with a red ribbon and an ornate golden crown. When captive, she wore a yellow kimono, black fur-decorated pelt, and fancy hair ornaments.

Powers & Abilities

Transformation: Yasaka can freely shift between her human guise and gigantic fox form, able to hide or manifest her tails and fox ears at will.

Immense Strength: A top-tier combatant whose might equals an Ultimate-Class Devil, as demonstrated when she could match the powerful Dragon King Vritra.

Kyoto's Leylines: As the nine-tailed fox that anchors Kyoto's leylines, Yasaka has access to the city's tremendous reservoir of spiritual energy. Combined with Georg's spells, this grants her a nearly inexhaustible power supply.

Fox Fire: Yasaka can generate intensely hot foxfire flames from her tails and mouths, said to rival the extreme heat of Vritra's legendary black flames.

Youjutsu Master: As the youkai leader, Yasaka has advanced mastery of traditional Japanese demon arts and mystical abilities.


  • Her name means "Eight Slopes," possibly referring to the famous Yasaka Shrine of Kyoto's Gion district.
  • She remains capable of teasing Issei despite being a mature mother figure.

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