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Yuuto Kiba

Pretty Boy Knight, Vice-President of the Occult Research Club, Holy Sword Wielder, Rias Gremory's Sword
Yuuto Kiba


Yuuto Kiba is one of the main male protagonists of the light novel and anime series High School DxD. He is a third-year student at Kuoh Academy renowned as the school's "prince" for his handsome looks and is adored by female students. Yuuto serves as the Knight in Rias Gremory's peerage and the Vice-President of the Occult Research Club.

Originally an orphan named Isaiah, Yuuto was taken in by the Church as a child to participate in the cruel "Holy Sword Project." After the project's failure led to the deaths of his friends, a dying Yuuto was discovered by Rias, who reincarnated him as her Knight.

Scarred by his past, Yuuto initially harbored deep hatred towards holy swords and their wielders. However, the acceptance by his new demonic friends allowed him to overcome this vengeance. He is fiercely loyal to Rias, addressing himself as "Rias Gremory's Sword."

Yuuto considers Issei Hyoudou his best friend but also feels a healthy sense of rivalry, wishing to battle him someday without holding back. He cares deeply for Issei's well-being, desiring to avenge him after his death before being stopped.

Personality & Appearance

Yuuto Kiba wearing his Kuoh Academy uniform and wielding two swords during the first three seasons
High School DxD Season 1-3
Front view of Yuuto Kiba in High School DxD HERO
High School DxD HERO

Yuuto embodies the ideals of a noble Knight - pride, chivalry, and dignity. He is polite, friendly and upbeat, though he can also be surprisingly lecherous at times.

As a swordsman, Yuuto favors technique and speed over raw power. His fighting style emphasizes versatility, relying on precise strikes and an arsenal of diverse demon swords he can generate.

Yuuto is considered a "prince charming" with looks that make him very popular with girls. He has short blond hair, blue eyes, and a mole under his left eye. At Kuoh Academy, Yuuto wears the standard boys' uniform comprising a black blazer, white shirt, black pants and brown shoes.

In battle, Yuuto dons a sleek black outfit accenting his swordsmanship abilities. He dual-wields swords generated from his Sacred Gears, including his primary weapon Sword Birth and its holy counterpart Blade Blacksmith.

Powers & Abilities

Kiba summoning an array of demon swords
High School DxD New episode 2

Master Swordsman: A genius swordsman trained since childhood, Yuuto is a master of melee combat. Rather than brute force, he relies on blinding speed, flawless technique and hit-and-run strikes.

Sword Birth: Yuuto's primary Sacred Gear lets him generate countless demon swords imbued with unique abilities like holy light absorption, flame freezing, vacuum blades and more.

Sword of Betrayer: His Balance Breaker fuses light and demonic power, allowing Yuuto to create holy demon swords far stronger than normal demon swords.

Blade Blacksmith: The holy counterpart to Sword Birth gained later, it enables Yuuto to generate holy swords with diverse effects.

Glory Drag Trooper: Yuuto's army of Dragon Knights mirrors his speed and swordsmanship. He can don their armor for enhanced propulsion.

Demonic Swords: After training, Yuuto regained the demon swords he once wielded, including the supremely powerful Gram.

Knight Traits: As Rias' Knight, Yuuto possesses tremendously enhanced speed and mobility, being called "God-Speed" by Issei. His evasiveness is near-impeccable.

With his versatile array of abilities and diligent training, Yuuto has grown into one of the most formidable melee fighters supporting Issei on the front lines.


  • Yuuto desires to open a cake shop business after graduating from Kuoh Academy.
  • He is very popular, starring in a "Handsome Dude Does Cooking" vlog series on DeviTube.
  • Yuuto originally despised holy swords but now wields the powerful Gram and Excalibur fragments.
  • He is considered deeply connected to the Sigurd Institution due to defeating its members.
  • Among the girls, Yuuto aims to be the first to have Issei's child in a playful competition.

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