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Sexy Anime Scenes That Will Make Your Face Go Red!

High School DxD Issei and Rias in Issei's room naked
Rias and Issei in their underwear

Have you ever had someone walk in on you while watching an ecchi anime, or at least in the middle of a rarely occurring ecchi scene?

Are you curious to know which scenes elicit the best reactions? Well, we've got a list just for you!

These sexy anime scenes can get intense at times, and oh boy, does it make us blush. Characters we never thought we'd see nude, panties, boob shots, or even watching two characters try (keyword: TRY) to get intimate!

(You better look around and lock your doors for this one - or else you'll have another awkward situation on your hands!)

Hotel Photo Shoot from My Dress Up Darling

Love hotel scene of Marin and Gojo from My Dress Up Darling
Marin and Gojo in a love hotel

For context: These two are having a photo shoot at a hotel room. It's not just any hotel room, but a LOVE hotel room.

So why choose a love hotel room? Is it because it's cheaper? For the plot? Whatever the reason, we managed to get a really awkward but steamy scene out of it!

So it starts with Gojo innocently (believe it or not, it's true) asking Marin to straddle him as he lies on the bed. She does, and he takes a photo of her from his angle, which turns out great!

That is until they were brought back to reality. After all, this was a love hotel room. They could hear a woman moaning from the other room, and Marin was only wearing underwear for her lower half.

So Gojo reacts the same way a healthy teenager would - he gets a you know what. Logically, he tries to get Marin off of him by holding her waist, and she moans in response. Chaos ensues, and somehow, the lights get turned off, and they're left in the dark while listening to the same woman moan.

Every Food Reaction in Food Wars

GIF of Mayumi Kurase reacting to eating squid from the anime Food Wars
Mayumi reacts to the squid she ate

Ever had food so good you go naked? No? It's probably because you’re not a Food Wars character.

On the outside, Food Wars looks like your usual food anime. We have a talented redhead MC who acts like every other shounen MC, gorgeous women, and most importantly, good food.

But apparently, that wasn’t enough. They decided to add one extra element to this anime: fanservice.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, an old man or a hot anime girl—you WILL be stripped the moment you taste good food.

Whoever came up with the concept of Food Wars is a genius. It’s ridiculously unique and just so like Japan to come up with this anime.

Hanekawa Tsubasa & Senjougahara Bathing Together

Hanekawa Tsubasa being hugged by Hitagi Senjougahara in the shower
Hitagi hugging Tsubasa from behind

The Monogatari series never disappoints when it comes to delivering ecchi scenes. But this scene right here? It’s on another level.

It might look innocent to some people. After all, it’s just two women bathing together, right?

Oh, who are we kidding?

Whether you’re straight, gay, or Batman, there’s no denying that this scene is a bit steamy. If you look even closer, you’ll notice that there are subtitles on the episode.

You couldn’t get your eyes off all the fondling and bare skin, could you? Well, that’s pretty understandable. Because if you were to personally witness two naked and wet women playing around in the bath, you’d shut up and stare as well.

(On a side note, what kind of friends fondle each other's boobs like that? The animators knew what they were doing here.)

Every Time a Qwaser Drinks Soma

Qwaser of Stigmata - Mafuyu Oribe's breasts popping out of her bra
Mafuyu's breasts are popping out of her bra

If you aren’t familiar with Seikon no Qwaser, you might wonder what a soma is. Simply put, Soma is the life energy source that gives a Qwaser power. When filled with Soma, a Qwaser can use their gifted elements.

But how does a Qwaser collect Soma? Breastfeeding. You read that right.

There are many fight scenes in Seikon no Qwaser, each involving using a Qwaser’s powers. If you think that’s a lot of breastfeeding, then you’re right - it REALLY is a lot.

Every time they collect Soma, you’re sure to turn as red as a tomato. Even ecchi lovers can’t handle the amount of boobs they see on the screen every time!

While it does feel like every man’s wet dream is coming true, you still can’t help but blush at the sight of it all!

High School DxD - Rias and Issei in a sauna together
Rias pinning down Issei

Issei finally scores some alone time in the sauna. The dude's practically melting with relief.

Then comes a completely naked Rias. She was there for one thing, and that was to confirm whether he had feelings for her by seducing him into having sex.

So she pulls out every move to get him turned on and bothered. Issei becomes flustered by all her seduction tactics but doesn't make any move despite Rias egging him on. Quite brave of him, too.

Unfortunately for him, Rias was pretty fed up with the entire master/servant thing they had going on and took matters into her own hands. So what does she do? She pushes him down, and it starts to look like something is about to happen!

But unfortunately, Issei cockblocks himself by calling her "President," effectively turning her off, and she leaves.

This whole scene is a rollercoaster. The tension's thick enough to cut with a butter knife. He's got everything he ever wanted physically, but emotionally? The dude's drowning in confusion and regret. Talk about a major fumble.

If you want to share more sexy anime scenes with fellow men of culture, why not join the Otaku Community? It's free, and everyone is welcome!

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