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This is Why Boa Hancock is the Best Waifu of One Piece!

Boa Hancock fainting with her boobs on partial display
One Piece Episode 412 | Credits: One Piece Wiki

One Piece boasts some of the coolest, most well-written female characters in all anime. But can they all handle the prestigious title of "Best Waifu"?

Let’s face it - Boa Hancock wins the category by a landslide.

Despite her antagonistic personality, she has won over not only fans but also a huge majority of its cast. And there’s more to the Pirate Empress than just her beauty and mommy milkers.

I've listed all the reasons why Boa Hancock is the best waifu in the series. Luffy may not see it, but I certainly do!

She’s one of the 7 Warlords of the Sea

If you didn’t know, Luffy’s biggest simp is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. That automatically means she’s on par with the likes of Crocodile and probably Mihawk, the World’s Strongest Swordsman. That means she will kick your butt, and you will thank her for it. (I would)

Empress by day, stone-cold stunner by... well, also day. This woman is a walking, talking ‘petrify-inator,’ thanks to her Devil Fruit, the Mero Mero no Mi.

If you’re anything like Sanji, then you’ll probably pop heart eyes for her. Then, proceed to turn to stone—literally. That’s mainly what her Devil Fruit does. So, if you happen to meet her and most likely fall for her at first sight (like 99% of people), you’re a goner. It won’t just be your little man that turns to stone; it will be ALL of you.

Sanji turning into stone
Credits: Tenor

With all the devil fruit types, Mero Mero no Mi is perfectly suited for a beauty like Boa Hancock. It may not be the strongest devil fruit, but it can surely have you falling on your knees.

And if that isn’t bad enough (or good, depending on whom you ask), she’ll then roundhouse-kick your statue self until you crumble by her feet. What a way for her to step on you!

Now, forget the fancy fruit for a second—let's talk Haki. Boa Hancock isn't just a devastating beauty; she's also a Haki prodigy.

First up, Busoshoku Haki.

Boa Hancock kicking Kuma
One Piece Episode 478 | Credits: One Piece Wiki

Imagine Hancock's legendary kicks, but strong enough to crack a sea king's skull like a walnut. She essentially turns her fists into iron. Nobody wants to envision Hancock turning their insides to mush with a single punch – not exactly a good first date.

Kenbunshoku Haki is a bit tricky. We haven't seen her use it explicitly, but come on, there's no way she can't sense when someone's ogling a little too hard. And with someone as beautiful as Hancock? It’ll be hard to look away. But don’t even think about going near her - this Haki basically gives her a built-in "don't even think about it" detector.

Finally, the Haoshoku Haki. This king-tier ability is so rare that it only appears in a handful of the world's strongest. Basically, it lets Hancock knock people out cold with just her willpower. Imagine getting defeated by a beautiful woman with a killer stare—that's the kind of power we're dealing with here.

That said, you’d have to be strong to wife her up! So if you think you can 1v1 her, then you’re definitely worthy of calling her your waifu.

She’s Adorable

Boa Hancock blushing
Credits: Tenor

Don’t let her cold exterior fool you!

This Pirate Empress might act all high and mighty, especially towards dudes who fall at her feet like dominoes in a hurricane, but there's a hidden softie underneath.

One minute, she's this cold, untouchable goddess, doling out icy stares that would freeze a slushy machine. The next, she's reduced to a blushing, stammering mess in front of someone she loves.

Boa Hancock's jealousy can be surprisingly cute. Plus, her over-the-top reactions are pure comedic gold. We're talking dramatic fainting spells and pufferfish-cheek anger – the woman is a walking meme factory.

She Can And Will Look Down On You

Both literally and figuratively.

Imagine this: Hancock stands tall (she’s a vision of perfection), gazing down at you with the intensity of a laser-focused tiger. She stretches her arm towards you, points her finger down, and leans her head so far back that she’s looking up.

In short, she’s looking down on you so bad that she’s looking up - Jojo pose-style (and yes, this is a Jojo reference).

Boa Hancock's looking down pose
One Piece Episode 419 | Credits: Tenor

If you have it bad for Boa Hancock like everyone else, you better wait in line for your turn to be degraded. And we mean the full head-bending, arm-pointing type of degradation. If she weren’t in One Piece, she’d fit perfectly with the JJBA characters.

She’s Caring

Boa Hancock can be many things, such as a Pirate, an Empress, or a Warlord. But for the right man, she’s willing to be a wife. We’re talking about Sun God Nika level type of man (Whoops - spoiler alert. Don’t ask who Sun God Nika is).

Boa Hancock as a wife
One Piece Chapter 597 | Credits: Viz

You’d have to be immune to the Mero Mero no Mi and treat her right. If you check those boxes, then maybe… just maybe, she’ll trust you and provide you with all your favorite food.

You wouldn’t need to worry about other men whisking her away, either. And if you know her story, you’d know why it’s such an honor to be one of the rare few men she trusts.

Boa Hancock could have any man she wants, with or without her powers. But if you genuinely care for her (and not because of the Mero Mero no Mi), then you might be the exception.

She’s Hot

I like Hancock because of her backstory. She has such beautiful, humongous "backstories," too…

But let’s not beat around the bush – Boa Hancock is a fine woman. And if we’re being honest, her mommy milkers are the first thing we see.

With the record for having the biggest knockers in the One Piece world (with Zoro in 2nd place), according to our god Eiichiro Oda himself, it’s no wonder those things are a delight to see. I mean, look at them!

Boa Hancock fainting with her boobs partially showing GIF
One Piece Episode 412 | Credits: Tenor

What were we talking about again?


Boa Hancock can commit the most heinous of crimes, and we’d still forgive her. Murder? Sure. Pillaging? Please, she’s a pirate; that’s standard procedure. Hell, she can kick as many kittens as she can, and we’d still forgive her.

Why? In our best waifu’s own words:

"Because I am beautiful!" — Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock speaking to various ladies who ask her the question,
One Piece Episode 412 | Credits: Tenor

Who’s your best One Piece waifu? You can share your thoughts with fellow cultured fans at the Otaku Community. Everyone is welcome to join!

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