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Yes, you can get Ecchi loot if you want it!

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Your Favorites, Included

Unlike other anime crates, have your say by voting for your favorite titles and loot after you subscribe!

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Delivered Monthly

Every month you’ll get a new box packed full of your favorite anime loot! For just 24.95/month!

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Fanservice & Ecchi Art

Exclusive Fanservice & Ecchi art items in every box, from your favorite characters!

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The longer you stay a subscriber, the more you’re rewarded!

Master level

After three months you’ll obtain Master level, and receive a bonus item and a certificate!

Hero Level

After six months you’ll become a Hero, and get an even better prize plus a certificate!


After twelve months you’ll become Legendary! You’ll get a certificate and a prize, plus a bonus item in every single box!

Warning: cancelling your subscription will result in an immediate loss of levels!

otaku box liz

Hi, I’m Liz!

I grew up watching Dragonball-Z and Sailor Moon, but I got frustrated when I couldn’t find loot from my favorite titles. So, I created The Otaku Box, the only box where *you* get to influence what you get!

So, subscribe now for awesome anime loot that includes a figure in every box, and yes, Ecchi is an option! -Liz


TrustPilot box ranking 5 stars Excellent
TrustPilot 5 stars Excellent
by Bryan Beatty
Good Job!
I've really enjoyed this subscription, there's tons of really unique little collectibles and always brings me a smile. I'm running out of space for all my figures
TrustPilot 5 stars Excellent
by Ethan
Best anime box!
By far one of the best anime boxes out there. Even when I have issues the customer service is the best I've had. Liz is an absolute sweetheart. You won't get any other box as good as this.
TrustPilot 5 stars
by Alexis
I'm new to TheOtakuBox subscription and I wanted to give it a shot! I just got my very first box yesterday and I WAS NOT disappointed! I love ALL of the items in my box! I love the fact that you can choose what you want in a sense! I also love how you can choose if you want any ecchi merchandise! It is obvious to me that a lot of thought is put into putting together these boxes for the subscribers. I am especially happy that each item was from a different anime! I LOVE the variety and the ecchi art/items are lovely as well!


How does the Otaku Box work?

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Every month you'll receive a box full of fun anime items from anime titles you voted on. The winning animes are featured in the box every month. Each otaku box comes with a wall scroll, mini-figure (1:12 scale figure available), and 3 -4 more anime items.

Unlike other anime subscription boxes, The Otaku Box is influence by a community vote by subscribers. You get to vote on the artwork on the wall scroll, the shirt and the anime titles featured each month. I also offer fanservice (ecchi) for the wall scroll!

Is there a fee to join, and what about shipping?

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Yes, there’s a fee per box of $29.95. Shipping is a $6.99 in the US. Shipping is automatically added to your subscription total during checkout.

When am I billed?

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You pay for your first box at checkout. Make sure to check the prices and what you've added to the box. The box price starts at $29.95.

You will be charged again on the 1st of the month, even if you subscribe on the last day of the ongoing month.

If you don't want to get charged for the next month, you can always skip the next order. Note: You will miss the box you've skipped.

There is a possibility you get charged again before your first box was shipped. But, DON'T PANIC, you will receive your box! Due to COVID and global shipping problems, delivery can be delayed.

When does my box ship?

If you purchased a box between the 1st and the 7th of the month, your box will ship that month on the 24th. If you purchased after the 7th, your box will ship at the end of the same month.

Every next box will be shipped on the 24th of the month.

There is a possibility you get charged again before your first box was shipped (You made an order on the 28th for example). But, DON'T PANIC, you will receive your box! Due to COVID and global shipping problems, delivery can be delayed.

How easy is it to cancel?

Too easy! Cancel at any time, there is no penalty or fee, simply log into your account at https://www.theotakubox.com/manage and select to cancel your subscription. Please note that all Otaku Box subscriptions are self-managed and you will be billed monthly until/unless you cancel. I do not provide refunds, so make sure to cancel before the re-bill date if you don’t wish to be billed again!

How and when do I vote for the titles and art I'd like to see?

1. At the beginning of every month I update the list of anime titles you can vote on based on availability (I reset all of the old votes received each month, because not all titles from the previous month will have products available)

2. Make sure you vote before the 6th of each month by following the link you received via email. If you lost it, just click here.

3. The art with the most votes will be featured on the wall scroll, while the losing artwork will be featured on the vote again at a later date (we all need a second chance). The winning shirt design is included in the box for those that add the shirt. The anime titles with the most votes that month will have items featuring them included in the box.

Note: boxes are not individually personalized.

What is the prize figure size?

All new prize figures are made in 1:12 scale, 6 to 7 1/2 inches tall (15 to 19 centimeters). Very often figures are made in different positions (sitting, on their knees, etc). Be aware, these figures will not be as tall as the standing figures.

What will I get, and what kind of figure is included?

Each Otaku Box includes a 16×24” cloth wall scroll and a mini figure. You get to vote on the artwork featured on the wall scroll! Add-on items like the shirt and 1/12 scale figure are options during checkout. All of the above, plus 3-5 extra anime-themed items, are in every Otaku Box.

Potential items include clothing, jewelry, plushies, keychains, folders, pens/pencils, chopsticks, phone cases, small art pieces, cards, pins, stickers, coins, small figurines, and more. No, there are no spoilers at all! I love keeping every box a mystery.

For the add-ons, the 1/12 scale figure replaces the mini-figure in the box. With the shirt, you can vote on what shirt design appears in the box. You can remove the add-on choices from your subscription if you decide to change your mind after getting a box. Hope to have you as a subscriber soon, and if you have questions, please email me at support@theotakubox.com.

What's the refund policy?

Every otaku box is reserved for every subscriber. So I cannot offer a refund once you have purchased a box. However, you can cancel at any time. Click here to manage your account or contact me at support@theotakubox.com

Does each box have a theme, and how does the voting work?

Instead of a theme, subscribers get to vote on their favorite anime titles, and those with the majority vote are featured in that months box. The vote form is sent to you when you subscribed, but if you lost it you can click here.

How does leveling up work?

The longer you stay a subscriber, the higher your level becomes! There are three levels: Master, Hero and Legendary. You'll obtain master level after being subscribed for three months, and you'll get a master certificate and a bonus item in your box. After six months you'll reach hero level, getting you a hero certificate and a bonus item in your box. Once you've been subscribed for 12 months, you'll get legendary level, receiving a legendary certificate and a bonus item. The bonus item will come in your box every month after that!

You don't need to do anything to gain levels except stay a subscriber. However, canceling your subscription means the immediate loss of levels gained. For example, if you cancel your subscription on the third of the month (the month you gained the master level), you would get the certificate and the bonus item. But, if you re-subscribed, you would not have the master level.

How can I get in touch with you?

Email support (at) theotakubox.com!
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