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Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Otaku Box work?

Every month you'll receive a box full of fun anime and gaming items!    

Unlike other boxes, some Otaku Boxes are unique and made just for you, based on your preferences, depending on the subscription option you choose.  There are also upgrades that make you eligible to receive Hentai items, if you want them!

No matter what Otaku Box you choose, all boxes include some form of personalization:

The Otaku Box: each month I tally the most popular items among all of my subscribers and make sure to include products from the top 3-6 animes in each box, and a total of 4-6 items.

The Otaku Box + More Loot: I tally the preferences just from the More Loot subscribers, making it more likely that each box will have items from titles you love.   You're also eligible to receive Hentai items (if you wish!), a spot on the Figurine upgrade waiting list if it's sold out, and you get access to my Insider's Club (more info in the 'What is the Insider's Club?' FAQ below).  Your box will include 4-8 items of higher value and/or quantity than the Base box. So far, 97% of More Loot subscribers have gotten at least one item (usually more) from their preferences in each box!

The Otaku Box + Figurineevery item is from a title you choose, plus you'll get a figurine in each box (I choose from Nendoroid, Figma, Prize, and even Scale figurines!) you're eligible to receive Hentai items (if you wish!) and you get access to my Insider's Club (more info in the 'What is the Insider's Club?' FAQ below). 

What's the Insider's Club?

Glad you asked!  Those dedicated Otaku's that are subscribed to the  'Figurine' and 'More Loot' upgrade automatically become members of the Otaku Box Insider's Club.

The Insider's Club features a special members-newsletter that showcases tons of behind-the-scenes info on Japan, from photos of rare share Hentai, Yaoi, and contribute your ideas - you may see them in future boxes!

Finally, Insider's Club members are the only ones eligible for our monthly Super Box giveaway.  This is a massive box I give away each month, only to Club Members.  Inside you can expect to find a whole ton of loot, and possibly some one-of-a-kind items like signed manga, posters, and anime cells, large limited edition figurines, and more.  Each one will be different! 

-Liz 🌸

Is Hentai an option?

Yes!  If you're 18+, answer "Yes" to "Interested in Hentai?" in the survey you'll see after you complete your order.  This means you'll be eligible to receive one Hentai item per box.  Availability of naughty items varies a lot, but I'll do my best to include them!

Note: you must select either the More Loot or More Loot + Figurine upgrade option to receive Hentai loot.

How does the personalization work?

Every Otaku Box is personalized to some extent, with the exact amount depending on the option you chose during checkout. After ordering, you'll see a form where you have the option to choose what anime and game titles you like, along with whether or not you'd like to receive Hentai loot.  Choose at least five, and I'll use this information to customize your box if you've selected a subscrition option that's eligible for customization.  I update the form each month, so don't forget to check back at!  Note: you must choose at least five titles on the list!

If you choose the Figurine upgrade option, I’ll be customizing the figurine based on your preferences, plus I’m sometimes able to include a Hentai or Yaoi figurine if you want.  And, you'll also become a member of the Insiders Club, with even more perks and loot. 

If you choose the More Loot upgrade, you'll almost certainly receive at least one item (likely more!) from your preferred titles, and you'll be getting more and/or higher quality items.  You'll also have the option to upgrade to the Figurine box when a spot opens if it happens to be full. You may receive Hentai items on this subscription if you choose.

If you opt for no upgrade, I'll still collect your preferences and I will include items that the majority of subscribers want, but no items will be personally picked out for your box, nor will you be able to receive Hentai items.

Is there a fee to join, and what about shipping?

Yes, there's a fee per box that varies depending upon subscription type, and starts at 34.95 USD. Shipping is a flat 5 US dollars in the US, 15 for outside the US, and 20 to Australia.  Shipping is automatically added to your subscription total during checkout.

When am I billed?

You'll be billed on approximately the 15th of the month (+/- 1 day, depending on your time zone).  This means that if you place your order between the 1st and the 14th, you'll be billed on the 15th of that month.  If you place your order on or after the 15th, you'll be billed the following month on the 15th and you'll receive your box at the end of that month.


Your box will be shipped on the last day of the month after you've been billed.  See above for my billing schedule!  You'll receive a tracking number via email when your box ships.

How easy is it to cancel?

Too easy! Cancel at any time, there is no penalty or fee!  If you have any questions or concerns, just reach out via live chat or email anytime.

What will I get?

Potential items include manga, posters, tins, plushies, art books, keychains, folders, pens/pencils, chopsticks, phone cases, small art pieces, cards, pins, stickers, coins, small figurines, art books, (premium figurines in the Figurine Box!) and more.  No, there are no spoilers (unless you're part of the Insider's Club)! 😉

If you've selected the More Loot box, you'll get either double the loot, or nicer, higher quality items (typically the latter).  

If you've selected the Figurine box, you'll get a large, premium figurine in it's original Japanese retail packaging.  Expect Nendoroid, Figma, Prize, and even premium Scale figurines...and all figurines are licensed!

Each box will contain also contain at least one item that is direct from Japan, exactly as you'd see it for sale in Akihabara, Hirajuku, or Nakano Broadway!

Note: smaller accessories and manga may not be in packaging, as sometimes these items aren't packaged when sold in Japan. 

How do I update my preferences?

It's easy, just click here to update your anime, gaming, and loot preferences!  Looking for your account page?  That's here!

What's the refund policy?

We only bill you once your box has been prepared and is ready to ship.  Since we've reserved the spot and box for you, we can't offer a refund after you've been billed.  However, you may cancel at any time and you will not be billed for future boxes.

Does each box have a theme?

Instead of a theme, I'm all about customization!  After checkout there's a form you can fill out to let me know what your favorites are.  Then, I do my best to get them for you (depending on which subscription you've chosen, see the FAQ "How does the personalization work" for more info). 


How can I get in touch with you?

Email liz (at)!  For collaborations, you must use this form instead

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