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Albedo from Overlord is the best villainess waifu ever, and here's why!

The highest-ranking NPC in your guild has become sentient, and she’s in love with you! Yes, I’m talking about Albedo from Overlord!

Albedo is a relatively well-known character among anime, Overlord, isekai, and waifu lovers. And if you’re here, you’d love to get to know her better too, amiright? Unfortunately, she isn’t very fond of us humans, but why would that stop us from loving her?

It’s easy to understand why she’s gotten so much attention from her first appearance. She is an extremely beautiful demoness with long black hair and golden eyes. She has thick white horns, and black wings on her waist. Her attractive body and her graceful face and way of speech match both her white dress and black armor perfectly, and people often even mistake her for an angel or a goddess.

Overlord, Anime: Albedo Gently looking at Momonga
Overlord, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: Overlord Wiki

That being said, let’s see what really makes her special. There are tons of beautiful anime characters, but what makes our waifus stand out is what's inside!

We already know that Albedo is a custom NPC created by Tabula Smaragdina to be the Overseer of the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, which means she manages and supervises the seven Floor Guardians that protect the guild.

But Albedo has her mysteries too! Her heavenly beauty hides not only her twisted and merciless personality, but also her true form, which is still unknown. Maybe her real form won’t be as beautiful, but the mystery is intriguing!

Overlord, Anime: Albedo with a twisted smile and dark aura
Overlord, Season 1, Episode 2 || Credits: Overlord Wiki

She’s very strong and has the highest defense power among the NPCs of Nazarick, and her qualities go beyond combat skills. Albedo is also intelligent, loyal, and not afraid to express her opinion or her love for Momonga, as she is ready to do anything to please him.

About her beloved Momonga, while this passionate waifu usually maintains an elegant attitude, she can lose her composure because she’s jealous or worried about her beloved master. She’s clearly very possessive, but that’s because she’s afraid of being abandoned.

Overlord, Anime: Albedo hugging a Momonga Dakimakura/Body Pillow
Overlord, Season 1, Episode 6 || Credits: Overlord Wiki

By the way, isn’t it cute that although she is a succubus, she cannot ride her bicorn, Top of the World, because her virginity weakens it? Unlike unicorns, a bicorn can only be ridden by “impure maidens.” Since Momonga altered her lustful personality and made her deeply in love with him, there’s only one (skeleton) man able to change that!

Overlord, Season 1, Episode 11 || Credits: Overlord Wiki

Lastly, Albedo has an older sister called Nigredo and a younger sister, Rubedo. The fact that she is the beautiful, composed middle sister reminds me of another unforgettable waifu: Belldandy from Oh! My Goddess!

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