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All Merch Items sent In the March 2024 Anime Box (SFW)

Zero-Two, Albedo, and other waifus filled the anime boxes with happiness!

What's in March anime box from The Otaku Box
March 2024 Anime Box - The Otaku Box

Today, I’ll show you all the anime merch I selected with love and care for March’s anime boxes!

If you aren’t a subscriber yet or are already a subscriber but are considering changing your subscription plan, this post is for you. After you see the fantastic items you can receive in your anime mystery boxes, I’m sure it’ll be easier to make up your mind.

What’s In The Box?

Sample anime box with the anime merch from March 2024
Anime Merch in March 2024 Anime Box - The Otaku Box

Here at The Otaku Box, I prepare each anime box carefully to attend to subscribers’ needs and preferences in the best way possible. That means not all boxes come with the items listed below.

However, subscribers can always edit their preferences. They can replace their mini-figures with sexy, bigger figures, add an anime t-shirt to their boxes, and even get an ecchi version of some products!

Mini Figure Set: Zero-Two

Unlike most sets of anime figures, this one is not about the main characters of Darling in the FRANXX. This is all about my wild waifu, Zero-Two! All these figurines look so adorable and mischievous that I felt all subscribers who chose to receive mini figures deserved one.

Zero-Two Bookmark (Exclusive Item!)

Yay! Another item inspired by Zero-Two! I just noticed I have prepared quite a few anime merch inspired by her lately, haven’t I? Could it be a sign from the universe?!

I made this bookmark so all my subscribers could take Zero-Two everywhere and never miss their notes or where they stopped reading their light novels. Say, do you prefer physical or digital books?

Wall Scroll: Rem

Rem looks so pretty in this wall scroll! No wonder most subscribers voted for this artwork to make it into March’s anime box! I love how she is smiling kindly but holding her morning star. The contrast gives a triumphant or slightly threatening vibe.

Subscribers who opted to receive an ecchi box got a NSFW version of this item.

T-Shirt: Rebecca

Anime T-Shirt featuring Rebecca, from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, sent in March's Anime Box
Anime T-Shirt - The Otaku Box

Subscribers also vote on the printed design on t-shirts, and they NEVER disappoint me! Subscribers who chose to add t-shirts to their anime mystery boxes received one with this marvelous art of Rebecca from Cyberpunk: Edgerunner!

Albedo Umbrella (Exclusive Item!)

I like to send umbrellas to my subscribers around this time of the year so they can prepare for the rainy season in otaku style. This year, they’ll have more protection than ever because I chose a design with an adorable chibi, Albedo. She looks so sweet, hugging her Ainz body pillow!

Buff Anya Sticker (Exclusive Item!)

For subscribers lacking motivation to visit the gym or run those boring errands, this is all the encouragement you need! I really hope everybody feels as energized as I do whenever I look at this hilarious sticker.

Forget about “No Pain, No Gain”; my new gym motto is “Waku Waku!”

1:9 Scale Anime Figure: Sexy Overseer

Sexy anime figure of Albedo (Overlord) sent in March's anime box
1:9 scale Anime Figure - The Otaku Box

Albedo in lingerie? Subscribers who upgraded their anime boxes to get a sexy anime figure must be extremely proud of their decision. Even those who missed the Christmas figure will be able to enjoy all the sexiness of this waifu with March’s figure!

Waifu Card #51: Formidable

Are you ready for a waifu war? The waifu card in March’s anime boxes features an attractive aircraft carrier: Formidable from Azur Lane. I’m always impressed with how Azur Lane can turn ships into hot waifus!

Besides the illustration on the front, the backside of the card has information about the character.

Subscribers who opted to receive an ecchi box got a NSFW version of this item.

VIP Item: Yor Air Freshener

I’ll close this list with that special gift only my most loyal otakus received! VIP Items are sent once to subscribers who have just reached the Hero or Master level or every month after reaching the Legendary level.

March’s anime box had a car air freshener with an artwork of Yor (Spy x Family) printed on it!

Feeling Interested?

How did you like the anime merch I prepared for March’s mystery boxes? Zero-Two and Albedo were the stars of the month!

While these anime goods won’t be available in upcoming boxes, I assure you I’m preparing even more amazing and sexier anime merchandise. If you need more information or want to know subscribers’ opinions on the items before subscribing or upgrading your anime box—join us for free at the Otaku Community!

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