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All the Merch Items Sent In the December 2023 Anime Box (SFW)

Waifus, Waifus, and more Waifus!

All merch items sent in December 2023 anime mystery boxes
December 2023 - The Otaku Box

January is an exciting month! It’s a new year, which means new anime, waifus, and possibilities. So much can happen, and I never know what to expect.

But there’s something I do know and can share with you... and that’s all the items sent in last month’s anime boxes!

So, if you’re an otaku looking for the best anime mystery box to pamper yourself this year, look at this list of merch items. You’ll undoubtedly get an idea of all the awesome monthly anime stuff you can receive.

What’s In the Box?

Each anime mystery box is unique! They only contain the items subscribers choose to receive, so the quantity and versions may differ from one box to another.

With that in mind, let’s see all the fantastic merch sent in December anime boxes!

Mini Figure: Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

All the figures from Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Mini Figure Set. Mini figures sent at random in each anime mystery box
Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Mini Figure Set - The Otaku Box

Subscribers who opted to receive a mini figure got one of the adorable chibis from this set! Aren’t they all so cute?

The set includes the beautiful but unapproachable Kaguya Shinomiya, the hardworking Miyuki Shirogane (with and without cat ears), and the bubbly and fun Chika Fujiwara.

Waifu Rubik’s Cube (Exclusive Item!)

Exclusive Anime Puzzle Cube design sent in December 2023 anime boxes
Exclusive Waifu Rubik’s Cube - The Otaku Box

A Rubik’s cube is a puzzle that benefits the brain in many ways, and I’ve enhanced its powers with this exclusive version for subscribers of The Otaku Box!

Even better than seeing all squares of the same color aligning is to see the beautiful face of your waifus taking shape before your eyes.

Waifu Controller Skin (Exclusive Item!)

Exclusive Waifu Controller Skin sent in December 2023 anime boxes
Exclusive Waifu Controller Skin - The Otaku Box

Another exclusive Christmas gift for my lovely subscribers! Where else would someone find controller skins with the prettiest waifus on them?

As you can see, I prepared one for each of the most popular consoles (PS5, Switch & Xbox Series X). Seeing my subscribers interact and exchange skins in the Otaku Community will be fun.

Waifu Drink Tags (Exclusive Item!)

Exclusive Waifu Drink Tags sent in December 2023 anime boxes
Exclusive Waifu Drink Tags - The Otaku Box

Party animal otakus have one more reason to celebrate from now on! I created these drink tags with sexy waifu silhouettes and their personality traits! Will the characteristics match who’s drinking, or should your guests find someone that fits the description?

Wall Scroll: A2

Art for the monthly waifu wall scroll chosen by subscriber's vote
Art for the Waifu Wallscroll - The Otaku Box

This beautiful android joined my subscribers’ waifu army! YoRHa Type A No.2, or simply A2, won the last vote of 2023 with this fantastic picture. Now, hanging this wall scroll up makes it easy to appreciate her stunning beauty all day!

Subscribers who opted to receive the ecchi anime box got the NSFW version of this item.

T-Shirt: Rias Gremory (Striped Shirt)

Rias Gremory Graphic t-shirt Design chosen by subscribers' vote
Rias Graphic T-Shirt - The Otaku Box

Rias Gremory and bikinis is a killer combination! No wonder this design won the vote for December’s anime t-shirt. Subscribers who opted to add a t-shirt to their mystery boxes must be proud to know the art they voted for won.

Have you ever spotted anyone wearing one of my anime t-shirts on the streets? That would be so cool!

1:9 Scale Anime Figure: Christmas Queen

Christmas-themed Sexy anime figure sent in December 2023 anime boxes
1:9 scale Anime Figure - The Otaku Box

Ho! Ho! Ho! What a merry Christmas and the happiest New Year for all subscribers who decided to upgrade their plan and get sexy anime figures instead of mini ones. Legend has it that when a hot succubus waifu enters your house in a small Christmas outfit, you’ll have good luck all year round!

Waifu Card #48: Esdeath

Art for the collectible waifu card sent in December 2023
Collectible Waifu Card - The Otaku Box

Another month, another waifu for my subscribers' card collection. This time, the featured character is the fearful Esdeath! Subscribers who already find her gorgeous can now learn more with the information on the back of the card.

Those who opted to receive the ecchi anime box got the NSFW version of this item.

VIP Item: One Piece Acrylic Keychain

Art for the one piece keychain sent to VIP subscribers
VIP Ace Acrylic Keychain - The Otaku Box

And finally, a special Christmas gift for loyal subscribers who have been around for a while: This adorable Keychain! Ace looks so adorable as a chibi that I had to add this item for my VIP otakus to thank them for another year of support and trust. Thank you very much!

Feeling Interested?

The items I prepare and curate for each anime mystery box are fantastic but limited. It won’t be possible to get them anymore. However, that’s no reason to be sad.

I’ll have many other excellent anime merchandise items, sexy waifu figures, and anime t-shirts for 2024. So, if you haven’t subscribed yet, check my main page to learn more about The Otaku Box!

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