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All The Anime Merch Items Sent in June 2023 Box (SFW Only)!

SPOILER: Oppais, Drinks, and fun!

All the Items The Otaku Box sent in June
June 2023 - The Otaku Box

June’s anime box was full of incredible, useful merchandise and beautiful waifus!

If you aren’t a subscriber yet or are curious about the items in your box, this post is right for you! I’ll show you all the SFW merchandise sent in June’s anime box, though certain items have ecchi (NSFW) versions.

What’s in The Box?

Every otaku has preferences, so I make my anime boxes as flexible as possible. That also means the anime merch in each box may differ according to the options selected during the subscription.

Here’s what’s in the box this time!

Mini Figure - Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

Exclusive medical bag sent in June's anime box
Demon Slayer Mini Figure Set - The Otaku Box

In June, subscribers received one of these adorable chibis from our Demon Slayer set. I love how they are all sitting. They can fit anywhere easily and serve multiple purposes.

The available characters were Tengen, Shinobu, Tanjiro, Mitsuri, Muichiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke. I sent them at random. Did you get your favorite character?

Nurse Liz Medical Bag (Exclusive Item!)

Exclusive Medical Bag sent in June's anime Box
Nurse Liz Medical Bag - The Otaku Box

Many people travel during summer break, otakus included. However, none of us is free from a bump here and there, especially when excited about our well-deserved vacations.

The issue is that sometimes finding a drugstore in unfamiliar surroundings takes time and effort.

So thinking about clumsy otakus like myself, I prepared this functional medical bag. Now my dearest otakus can carry essential medicine and keep a small first aid kit at hand, no matter where they go!

Silicone Bracelet Set

Silicone bracelets with anime quotes sent in June's box
Silicone Bracelet Set - The Otaku Box

Accessories can enhance any look, and I want my subscribers to be the most stylish otakus in town this summer!

Silicone bracelets are resistant and less likely to cause allergy, making them a great choice. The quotes written on them are from prevalent anime characters. Can you guess who they are?

Aqua Flask (Exclusive Item!)

Anime stainless steel flask sent in June's anime box
Exclusive KANPAI!! Flask - Anime box

This item is for adult otakus who enjoy having some hard liquor occasionally! Now Aqua can accompany them for a drink whenever they want with this stainless-steel flask I designed exclusively for subscribers!

Wall Scroll: Erza Scarlet (Swimsuit Version)

Art for the waifu wall scroll sent in June's anime box
Art for the Waifu Wallscroll - The Otaku Box

Another waifu shows off her beauty to celebrate summertime, posing with a swimsuit at the beach.

The art of this anime wall scroll was chosen through a vote, and it’s easy to understand why: Erza Scarlet looks stunning!

Subscribers who opted to receive ecchi loot got the uncensored version of the wall scroll.

T-Shirt: Lisbeth (Exclusive Item!)

Anime t-shirt sent in June's anime box
Lisbeth Graphic T-shirt - The Otaku Box

The Otaku Box’s subscribers chose another fantastic art through a vote. The winner for June’s anime box t-shirt is the blacksmith Lisbeth from Sword Art Online!

1:9 Scale Anime Figure: Crimson Titania - Bunny Version (Exclusive Item!)

Crimson Titania Scale Anime Figure sent in June's anime box
1:9 scale Anime Figure - The Otaku Box

What an excellent month for Erza’s fans!

The Fairy Tail waifu was chosen to come in the form of this unique anime figure. Subscribers who opted to receive a 1:9 scale figure instead of a mini figure had their drink served by Queen Titania — in a provocative bunny suit.

This scale anime figure is special because it’s my first one with props. I love how those tiny wine glasses turned out!

Waifu Card #42: Fubuki

Exclusive waifu card sent in June's anime box
Collectible Waifu Card - The Otaku Box

Continuing with series three of the collectible waifu cards, subscribers received the one featuring Fubuki in June, aka Blizzard, from One-Punch Man!

The back of the card has more information about her for subscribers who want to learn more about this cold-hearted waifu. And those who opted to receive ecchi loot got the uncensored version!

VIP Item: Tohru Keychain

Tohru Keychain sent in June's anime box
VIP Tohru Keychain - The Otaku Box

As a gift to my most loyal otakus, VIP subscribers received an extra keychain to carry this adorable dragon maid wherever they want! How can someone feel lonely with the adorable Tohru nearby?

Feeling Interested?

It's fantastic anime merch. Don’t you think?

I curated and prepared them for my subscribers with love!

If you have questions about any item or how The Otaku Box works, check the FAQ or contact me. I’m happy to help out.

If you still need to decide whether to join my family of subscribers, I invite you to read some reviews. You can see what fellow otakus in my Otaku Community are sharing about their experiences.

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