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Extreme Waifus: Can You Hold Your Liquor Like An Anime Girl?

The best and the worst waifus to go for a drink with!

An alcoholic drink on a counter — from the anime, Death Parade
Death Parade, Season 1, Episode 11 || Credits: Death Parade IMDb

After a long and stressful week, I like to go to an izakaya with friends to chat, have some snacks, and drink!

But we all must drink with caution and respect our limits. So I know I have to stop before some of my friends, and it’s not that different in anime.

There are characters who have a high tolerance for alcohol while others can't handle a single drink. Where do you think you and your waifus fit?

Let’s compare the extremes because I have something for your drinking parties!

Waifus Who Can Drink Anyone Under the Table

I can think of several hard-drinking waifus, but only a few can match the tolerance of these three ladies!

Cana - Fairy Tail

Cana, from Fairy Tail, drinking straight from a bottle
Fairy Tail, OVA 6: Fairy Tail x Rave Master || Credits: Fairy Tail, IMDb

“High tolerance for alcohol” is not enough to describe how much Cana can drink without getting intoxicated. She loves alcoholic drinks so much that she consumed one-third of the guild’s liquor stock herself!

Chain Sumeragi - Blood Blockade Battlefront

Chain Sumeragi, from Blood Blockade Battlefront, sighs after drinking a shot
Blood Blockade Battlefront, Season 2, Episode 3 || Credits: Blood Blockade Battlefront IMDb

If you invite her to a party, give up your hopes of winning any drinking games.

Everybody who ever witnessed Chain drinking knows she doesn’t take it easy! Her iron liver will embarrass even the toughest men before she shows any signs of getting tipsy.

Belldandy - Oh! My Goddess!

Belldandy with praying hands among flowers — from Oh My Goddess!
Oh My Goddess!, OVA, Opening || Credits: Oh My Goddess! IMDb

The sweet and composed Belldandy is a formidable opponent, even for the waifus above!

Regarding alcoholic beverages, the present goddess from “Oh! My Goddess!” simply doesn’t get drunk, no matter how much she ingests. Does your waifu fit this category?

Or do you enjoy having more potent drinks but don’t have anyone to accompany you?

If any of those ring true, you could carry a few ounces in one of these convenient hip flasks I designed!

KonoSuba inspired Hip flask sent in June 2023 anime boxes
KANPAI!! Flask - The Otaku Box

This item is exclusive to my precious subscribers! If you are one, you may take it to those gatherings where no one else is bringing hard liquor.

Waifus Who Can’t Hold Their Liquor

Now let’s look at anime beauties that are the complete opposite!

Shiragiku Ono - The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses

Shiragiku Ono, From Cafe Terrace and Its Goddess, cooking
The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses, Promo Art || Credits: Goddess Cafe Terrace IMDb

Shiragiku Ono is a shy, modest young lady who works at the Familia Café Terrace. But the mere smell of alcohol makes her personality change instantly. Her ecchi side gets out of control!

Luckily friends are always around to stop her, and she doesn’t remember anything the next day.

Hotaru Shidare - Dagashi Kashi

Dizzy Hotaru (Dangashi Kashi), after a glass of non-alcoholic beer
Dagashi Kashi, Season 1, Episode 2 || Credits: Dagashi Kashi IMDb

Forget about alcohol. Hotaru Shidare got drunk after her first sip of non-alcoholic beer! Only one glass was enough to make her lose balance and speak nonsense. After the second, she passed out.

Hotaru still has a long way to go until adulthood, but I hope she stays away from regular beer for a long time.

Yor Forger - Spy x Family

Drunk Yor Forger (Spy x Family) with her death glare
Spy x Family, Season 1, Episode 5 || Credits: Spy x Family IMDb

Yor is probably the worst among the waifus who must avoid alcohol. Getting drunk easily is not the problem here!

The real problem is that the fine line between Yor Forger and the Thorn Princess becomes as blurred as her vision, so nobody is safe from her violence.

If you or your anime darlings belong here, don’t worry! You can still get some refreshments and give other great purposes to a flask! My advice is to avoid carbonated drinks or hot liquids, however.


In the end, holding their liquor and not holding it at all only adds to a waifu’s charm, and I have favorite girls on both sides.

What other items, such as sauces or spices have you seen or heard of people carrying with them? One of my friends always has small packets of sugar in her purse for her coffee! Seeing how people can be creative and find curious solutions for their daily problems is fun.

Everybody is welcome to my Otaku Community to chat and share their experiences!

Images from IMDb

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