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Anime Boobs Vs. Tentacles: Seven Embarrassing Scenes of Rias Gremory and Other Waifus You must watch!

Squeeze the fanservice out of them!

7 ecchi scenes of anime boobs versus tentacles
High School DxD, Season 1, Special 5 || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

Anime boobs and tentacles are the perfect fanservice combination!

A good fantasy ecchi will have at least one scene showing waifus in complicated but arousing situations involving tentacles. And if you watch enough shows, you can even find female characters from non-ecchi anime in these compromising scenes.

Here are animated gifs showing some of the sexiest scenes involving waifus having their oppais squeezed by naughty tentacles to inspire you to watch (or re-watch) some anime!

Matsuri Shouldn’t Have Let Her Guard Down! — Ayakashi Triangle

Ecchi scene of tentacles taking off Matsuri's clothes
Ayakashi Triangle, Season 1, Episode 7 || Credits: Ero-Anigif

Or should I say “his”? In the show Ayakashi Triangle, the gender-bent Matsuri didn’t expect that the enemy could make drawings physically real. And Matsuri wasn’t ready for a giant octopus and its naughty tentacles going for her boobs!

The Tentacle Monster Wants Their Energy! — SUPER HXEROS

Ecchi scene of tentacles touching anime boobs in SUPER HXEROS
SUPER HXEROS, Season 1, Episode 12 || Credits: Ero-Anigif

You can’t write Hero without H and ERO, nor can you make ecchi anime without a tentacle scene!

In SUPER HXEROS, aliens invade Earth determined to take away humanity’s sexual drive, and a group of fighters with high libido fight against them. Unfortunately, as you can see, some of the beautiful young ladies in the team got caught by a tentacle monster that began squeezing their boobs for erotic energy.

Saphentite Neikes Wasn’t Ready For So Much Love! — Monster Girl Doctor

Ecchi scene of tentacles touching Saphentite's boobs
Monster Girl Doctor, Season 1, Episode 9 || Credits: Credits: Ero-Anigif

Doctor Glenn’s compassion and determination are touching. But Sapphee didn’t think he would ever encourage their mentor, Cthulhy Squele, to touch students with her naughty tentacles.

Who is going to save Lumachina from the Beast Mushroom? — How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord

Ecchi Scene of anime tentacles exposing Lumachina's boobs
How NOT to Summon A Demon Lord, Season 2, Episode 1 || Credits: Ero-Anigif

The second season of How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord has an intense start. In the first few minutes of episode one, fans watch Lumachina Westia get caught by a gigantic mushroom! And the monster didn’t waste time using its tentacles to lift the High Priestess and rip her clothes off—pleasing fans with a sexy anime boob shot!

Rias Gremory and the Occult Research Club Girls face the Magic Udon! — High School DxD

High School DxD, Season 1, Special 5 || Credits: Diego Brando (YouTube Channel)
High School DxD, Season 1, Special 5 || Credits: Diego Brando (YouTube Channel)

Meal time was supposed to be peaceful, but that’s something hard to achieve when you get these devilish waifus in the same room. Watch the short special and see how hungry for anime boobs Udon noodles can be when you add the magic of ecchi to the recipe!

Fighter Has a Mission to Accomplish! — Bikini Warriors

Ecchi Scene of tentacles touching Fighter's boobs in the anime Bikini Warriors
Bikini Warriors, Season 1, Episode 4 || Credits: David Fei (Youtube Channel)

The beautiful Fighter from Bikini Warriors is determined to get the key to a dungeon, even willing to accept the mayor’s tasks like a true, noble hero. It's not like she’s enjoying having her oppais fondled by a monster's tentacles!

Lala Deviluke is Trapped And Darkness is Shameless! — To LOVE-Ru Darkness

Ecchi scene of tentacles squeezing Lala's boobs in the anime To LOVE-Ru Darkness
To LOVE-Ru Darkness, Season 2, Episode 13 (Special 1) || Credits: Ero-Anigif

In this special episode of To LOVE-Ru Darkness’s second season, Lala Deviluke bravely fights Darkness, but the latter decides to play dirty. Darkness is already a pervert, but as she stated in this scene, she’s a little different than before.

And this tentacle sequence wasn’t her dirtiest move against Princess Lala!

Never Let Go of Anime Boobies!

The scenes above are all very sexy and good examples of how much fanservice you can expect from each anime!

Can you remember any other sexy encounters involving anime boobs and tentacles? Feel free to share your best moments at The Otaku Community and chat with other ecchi fans like you and me!

Animated GIFs from Ero-Anigifs and David Fei (YouTube Channel)
Cover Image from High School DxD Wiki

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