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The Best Anime Ahegao Faces (Featuring Akeno Himejima)

We’ve highlighted Rias’s best ahegao faces. Now it’s time for Akeno!

Akeno Himejima at the pool, smiling
High School DxD Hero Episode 2|| Credits:

While all the waifus in High School DxD express their love for Issei, Akeno is the most blatant.

She never tries to hide how she’s feeling, and when it comes to making scenes NSFW, Akeno is the undisputed queen! This is clearly shown on her face, as she doesn’t even try to keep a cool and relaxed front.

But has she made the ultimate NSFW face—the ahegao face? I’ll let you judge for yourself!

I went through the entire series to compile the sexiest faces Akeno made so far.

Just one lick

Akeno Himejima in a sexy pose, licking cream off her finger
[Floor V] EX Himejima Akeno (Queen) || Credits: MG-Renders

We’re kicking things off with this render of Akeno licking some cream off her finger. Now, whether this was a baking accident or something a bit more sexy is up to your imagination.

But what’s undeniable is that Akeno’s enjoying herself. Looking back at the camera, she has her tongue sticking out, and that lustful gaze made many otakus fall in love instantly.

What I want to know is, who’s the person under Akeno? And on a scale of one to ten, how much are they enjoying the view?

Under the sheets

Akeno Himejima looking at the camera and making a sexy face
High School DxD Hero Episode 2|| Credits:

Knowing Issei is about to leave, Akeno wants to give him a proper goodbye. But since this is High School DxD, that proper goodbye involved a lot of lewd stuff!

She climbs onto Issei and asks him to make her feel like a woman. She then makes this face, making him and hundreds of otakus watching too excited to blink!

Be honest. Could you leave Akeno if she asked you to stay while making this face? Because I have a feeling many would stay in bed forever if she kept them company!

Finger-licking good!

Akeno Himejima sucking on a finger with her eyes closed
High School DxD New Episode 1|| Credits:

As noted, of all the girls in High School DxD, Akeno is the least afraid to do lewd things with Issei. One of her favorite ways to make Issei squirm is to suck on his fingers.

And I think it’s fair to assume a few ecchi fans also love these scenes.

Yes, scenes – because this happens more than once!

Seeing how much Akeno is enjoying herself while sucking on Issei’s fingers, I’m surprised it doesn’t happen every other episode.

Watch out for the tentacles!

Akeno Himejima is covered in slimy tentacles, yet smiling and blushing
Highschool DxD Episode 7|| Credits:

No good ecchi show can avoid the tentacle trope – it’s tradition!

However, most times, when the tentacles come out, waifus scream in either anger or fear as tentacles touch them from all sides.

Akeno, on the other hand, seems to like the experience.

With her eyes closed, she is visibly blushing, and her mouth is half-open. While not a true ahegao face, there’s no denying that her expression is lewd!

Now we just have to figure out why there wasn’t more than one tentacle episode. Akeno certainly wouldn’t mind, and neither would most otakus.

You have her attention

Akeno Himejima holding her hand to her face, smiling sexually
Highschool DxD Episode 3|| Credits:

Season one, episode three of High School DxD, was great as it introduced most of the main characters and their attributes. We learned how quick Yuuto can be, that Koneko is a true tank and that Akeno is a very powerful sadist!

And seeing how Akeno controls lightning to strike her foe while making this face the entire time, I’d say she lives up to the title.

After all, I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone enjoy battle more than Akeno does in this scene, except for Issei. However, he has the power to enforce fanservice, so he gets a pass!

Lend me an ear

Akeno Himejima holding Issei from the back and nibbling on his ear
High School DxD New Episode 7|| Credits:

While not as common as her finger obsession, Akeno does like to nibble on Issei! In this case, his ear is the target and judging by his face, Issei barely knows what planet he’s on.

But one look at Akeno’s face tells you that she’s also having a lot of fun. With her eyes sparkling and a faint blush on her cheeks, you can tell she loves toying with Issei like this.

Let’s not ignore the fact that her bare boobs are also pressed onto his back!

A wink and a moan

Akeno Himejima blushing, with one of her eyes closed
High School DxD New Episode 13|| Credits:

This is one of those episodes that can only happen in High School DxD. For context, a pervy sage has taken the form of an underwear demon and is using his underwear-control ability to force Akeno and the others to hold Issei down.

It’s also worth pointing out that all of the female characters were basically naked at this point.

As you can imagine, Issei didn’t mind being swarmed from all sides by naked waifus.

And whatever he was doing to Akeno’s boobs, it obviously had an effect – with her blushing immensely, closing one of her eyes, and her mouth open.

I’m just surprised the sage and Issei didn’t become best friends after something like this!

Is Akeno... vulnerable?

Akeno Himejima in bed, emotional and blushing
High School DxD BorN Episode 5|| Credits:

I wanted to finish with this picture as it shows a side of Akeno that you rarely get to see. After all, when has everyone’s favorite sadist been truly vulnerable?

But this episode was all about Akeno’s past and the things she went through. Let’s just say that it was some heavy stuff.

So, wanting to forget about it, she climbs on top of Issei, undresses, and makes this face. And I just felt I had to include it. If for nothing else than to showcase this side of Akeno!

But don’t lose hope!

While I couldn’t find a picture of Akeno making a proper ahegao face, that doesn’t mean it isn’t out there! You can join the Otaku Community to see whether fellow otakus have found the perfect ahegao image of Akeno.

In addition, you can discuss High School DxD and other favorite ecchi shows all you want. The Otaku Community is the place to be if you want to hang out with other ecchi-enjoyers.

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