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Asia Argento Nude Moments That Makes Her One Naughty Nun - Weekly Dose of DxD

Asia Argento wearing pink underwear with matching gloves and boots
High School DxD

Today, we're diving into some seriously sinful territory. This week's DxD Weekly is all about everyone's favorite habit-wearing hottie from High School DxD - Asia Argento!

Now, you may be thinking: "Liz, isn't it kinda wrong to be ogling a nun?" Well, normally, I'd agree with you. But this is High School DxD we're talking about! Nothing's off limits in this show, not even the power of prayer.

And let's be real: Asia's "pray the naughty away" strategy doesn't seem to work too well for her. Not that we're complaining!

We're about to count down the top Asia Argento nude moments featuring accidental panty flashes and her not-so-innocent healing sessions. These are all the times Asia made us question if there's really a devil on her shoulder... or if she's just that naturally naughty. Let's get this unholy show on the road.

Taking a Bath (With Issei?!)

Asia Argento sitting down unclothed in a bathroom
High School DxD episode 8

Wow, talk about baptism by fire! Remember that time Issei accidentally stumbled into Asia's bath time? Most girls would've screamed bloody murder and chucked a shampoo bottle at his head. But our sweet, innocent Asia? She decided it was the perfect chance for some steamy bonding time.

You could practically see the steam coming from Issei's ears - and I'm not talking about the bathwater. The lucky guy probably thought he'd died and gone to heaven. Or maybe hell, considering how sinfully good Asia looked.

Not Gonna Get Left Out of The Fun

Asia taking off her school PE uniform
High School DxD New episode 1

Well, well, well! It looks like our sweet little Asia isn't about to let Rias hog all the Issei time. Issei probably thinks he's dreaming when Asia walks in, ready to turn this duo into a trio. And she doesn't waste any time either - that PE uniform was coming off faster than you can say, "Holy hand grenade!"

You've got to admire Asia's moxie here. Most people would see their crush in bed with someone else and run for the hills. But not our girl! She decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I guess when it comes to Issei, Asia's willing to bend the rules a little. Or a lot. Hey, all's fair in love and anime shenanigans, right?

The Healing Power of... Friendship?

Asia, Koneko, and Akeno comforting Issei without any clothes
High School DxD Hero Episode 9

Oh boy, looks like Issei was having a rough day! But never fear; when our dragon boy is feeling blue, you can count on the DxD girls to swoop in and save the day. And by "save the day," I mean show up in their birthday suits. Nothing says "cheer up, buddy," like a surprise visit from the Bare Necessities Squad.

Asia really went above and beyond with her healing touch this time. And with Koneko and Akeno joining in, it was like a wild support group meeting. I guess when it comes to helping Issei, these girls believe in the "go big or go home" philosophy. Though in this case, it was more like "go nude or go home."

A Big First Impression

Asia Argento bent over after falling, exposing her underwear
High School DxD Episode 3

Talk about making a first impression! When Asia first graced our screens as the new nun in town, she certainly knew how to make an entrance. And by "entrance," I mean face-planting right in front of Issei. Way to stick the landing, Asia!

The poor girl was probably trying to channel her inner graceful saint but ended up channeling her inner slapstick comedian instead. But hey, at least she gave Issei a big first impression, you know what I mean.

Stay Naughty and Join the Community!

And that wraps up our unholy journey through Asia Argento's naughtiest nude moments in High School DxD! If there's one thing we've learned, it's that Asia might be a nun, but she's definitely not all saintly.

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