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See Akeno's Nude Body With The Newly Released High School DxD Figure

Akeno Himejima wearing a pink bikini with a night sky background
Credits: MG Renders

Konnichiwa minna! I've got news that will make every High School DxD fan's day hotter than Akeno's lightning magic. A brand new Akeno Himejima figure just dropped, and she is ready for you to take her home. Yatta!

We're talking about a beautiful and sexy figure that shows everything we love about our favorite ara ara queen. Trust me, this isn't just an average pretty face for your shelf - it's the kind of figure that'll have you saying "ara ara" in your sleep.

Stick around, and I'll spill the tea on why this figure is about to become the crown jewel of your collection. Are you ready to get struck by Akeno fever? Then let's check her out!

Get to Know Akeno in Her Angel Maid Uniform

The new Akeno angel maid figure from different angles
Credits: The Otaku Box

Okay, so if you've been living under a rock (or just haven't binge-watched High School DxD), let me give you the lowdown on our girl, Akeno. Basically, she's the perfect combo of sweet and sexy, wrapped up in a maid uniform.

But here's the tea: Akeno's not just your average high school hottie. Nope! She's half-fallen angel, half-devil, and 100% badass. She's got lightning powers that'll make Thor jealous and a sadistic side that's, well, let's just say it's caused me to question some things about myself.

But what do I love most about Akeno? She's got layers, people! Behind that flirty "ara ara" is a girl with a heart of gold and a past that'll have you reaching for fill-in-the-blank. Plus, her thing with Issei? Total shipper bait, and I am HERE for it!

Why You Need This Akeno Figure In Your Life

The new Akeno angel maid figure and box
Credits: The Otaku Box

All right, listen up because I'm about to change your life. This Akeno figure isn't just another piece of plastic. It's a work of art, a conversation starter, and quite possibly the hottest thing to grace your room since... well, you put up that poster of Levi from Attack on Titan (No judgment, we've all been there).

Let me give you a short list of reasons you should get an Akeno fallen angel maid figure for yourself.

  1. It's exclusive, baby! You won't find this Akeno angel maid design anywhere else.
  2. The detail is INSANE. I'm talking about every strand of hair, every fold in her maid uniform - it's so lifelike, you'll catch yourself saying "ara ara" back to it (Again, no judgment).
  3. Limited edition alert! There are only a few of these bad boys out there. Don't be that person crying on Twitter because you missed out.
  4. It's the ultimate conversation starter. "Oh, that old thing? Yeah, it's just my super rare Akeno angel maid figure, NBD." Watch your friends turn green with envy!
  5. Let's be real: your anime figure collection needs this. It's like the holy grail of High School DxD merch. Your shelf will thank you.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your wallet and get ready to smash that buy button like Issei smashes... well, you know. Don't let this Akeno slip away - you won't regret it!

Get Your Hands on Akeno, The Fallen Angel Maid

Promotional wallpaper featuring Akeno in her fallen angel maid uniform
Credits: The Otaku Box

Still don't know how to get your Akeno angel maid figure? I've got you covered. Just follow these simple steps, and Akeno is all yours:

  1. Start by clicking that tempting waifu figure at the top right of The Otaku Box homepage. Akeno herself is beckoning you.
  2. Drop your email. Don't worry; it's just so we can send you all the juicy details.
  3. Choose your subscription plan. The more boxes you get, the more free goodies you score!
  4. Customize that box! Pick your bonus figure (newbies get one free!), choose your T-shirt size, and decide if you want the uncensored content.
  5. Hit that "Add to Cart" button.
  6. Create an account or log in. I promise it's easier than joining the Occult Research Club.
  7. Fill in your details and pay up.

And voila! Before you know it, Akeno will be gracing your doorstep, ready to take her rightful place as the queen of your collection. Now, wasn't that easier than trying to explain the DxD plot to your parents?

Just wait around 2 to 3 weeks, and boom! Akeno will be making her grand entrance to your humble home. I know, I know, it feels like waiting for the next season of High School DxD. But trust me, when you see that box on your doorstep, it'll be more exciting than Issei unlocking a new Balance Breaker. So sit tight, rewatch some DxD episodes, and before you know it, you'll be unboxing your very own Akeno fallen angel figure. Enjoy, fellow otakus!

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