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Biggest and Best Anime Oppais from C-Cup to K-Cup!

Hestia tying her hair
Credits: Amino

Don’t your eyes feel blessed when you see a hot anime girl jiggling her boobs every time she comes on screen? Thank god for fanservice!

If it didn’t exist, our eyes wouldn’t have been blessed with anime boobies. After all, it’s not anime if there aren’t any waifus.

The good thing about looking for good anime boobs is that it doesn’t matter what genre you watch. From horror to shounen, there’s bound to be a sexy waifu whom you can lust for her bust!

However, not all anime boobs are made equal. Some are a bit bigger than others. But that doesn’t matter - because as long as we get to imagine stuffing our faces (and more) into anime's biggest tits, we’re all winners!

Here's a list of anime boobs that will absolutely have you salivating!

C-Cup: Tamaki Kotatsu from Fire Force

Tamaki's boobs being fondled
Credit: Pinterest

Tamaki loses her clothes about 90% of the series, and we're not complaining.

Her Lucky Lewd Syndrome has got to be one of the most perverted running gags in the history of anime. Because she just doesn't expose her delicious C-cups - she takes off EVERYTHING.

Her voluptuous body leaves nothing to the imagination. You can see every single crevice of her flawless skin. It's honestly hilarious how she does absolutely nothing, and she still somehow gets in a state of undress!

D-Cup: Ristarte from The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Ristarte summoning something from the sky
Credit: Pinterest

Good thing Ristarte is the deuteragonist of The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious. Otherwise, we won't be blessed with seeing her tits all the time. Just look at the size of those things!

It's honestly a wonder why the main character hasn't gotten a 'you know what' from seeing her boobs. Much less have the urge to bed her. Then again, that man is a unique case. Or more like a nutcase, like Ristarte always says.

Imagine being the man she is literally throwing herself to. You get a VIP view of how her boobs move around as she runs towards you. That girl honestly knows no bounds when she wants to get laid. With this, you've already won the jackpot!

Ristarte, being a ridiculously excitable character, makes her look so easy on the eyes. Every time she moves around on screen, her boobs jiggle. It's so satisfying to look at. You'll want to satisfy yourself with more of her, too!

Who wouldn't grab the chance to hold her D cup? Only a fool would turn down the offer!

E-Cup: Hestia from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Hestia's bikini snaps
Credits: Tenor

If you're into lolis but hate the fact that a lot of them are flat-chested, then allow me to introduce you to our resident Loli Big Boobs: Hestia from DanMachi!

Despite being blessed in the chest department, this goddess remains untouched. But does that stop this virgin from being perverted and naughty? Not!

Also, don't let her loli looks fool you - she packs a lot of power and is not to be underestimated on the battlefield.

Does that stop us from loving her? One look at her tits, and you'll be shaking your head!

F-Cup: Mirajane Strauss

Mirajan posing in a Bikini
Credits: Fairy Tail Wiki

Mirajane may look like an angel but don't underestimate her. This femme fatale can beat your butt in battle and bed!

In her younger years, she was often called a demon because she acted like it. But after her sister's supposed death, she turned over a new leaf and has been a nice, good girl ever since.

She's still a demon, though. That's literally her powers. And thank god she is because her body looks absolutely amazing, especially when her tits are barely covered!

Her generosity knows no bounds as she continues to serve us with scantily clad outfits, whether it's her demon transformation or a bikini.

There's a good reason why she is constantly voted one of Fairy Tail's hottest, both in canon and in the fandom. I mean, look at her!

G-Cup: Hizuru Minakata from Summertime Render


Upside down, back, or front, you can see that Hizuru has huge badoonkers. After all, the H in Hizuru stands for H cup - just kidding. Even to her dying breath, she won't hesitate to clarify that her blossoming bosoms are a G cup!

Shinpei was living the dream when he woke up to Hizuru's titties on his face. Although unintentional, it was worth the slap.

I mean, who wouldn't want to wake up to anime titties on their face? Say your prayers and thank the heavens because those soft pillows are the only ones that you would want to hold on to every night.

I-Cup: Centorea from Monster Musume

Centorea Running with Kimito
Credits: Tenor GIF

Wow. Just wow.

You could feed the whole village with one tit alone.

Kimito must have a plan or something because there's no way he hasn't slept with Centorea. She's fantasized about wanting to carry his babies! It's a huge L on his part because...

Then again, maybe he wants even bigger boobs? There is a good reason Centorea is jealous of Cathyl. But despite having smaller breasts than her, she's way hotter and more waifu material.

Don't underestimate Centorea's drool-worthy I-cups. It's up there on the hottest anime tits!

K-Cup: Venelana Gremory

Venelana sitting down
Credits: Highschool DxD wiki

What else do you expect from Rias Gremory's mother? Much less someone who used to be the most powerful from the House of Bael?

If you were to look at Rias Gremory naked, from the tits to the body, you could tell Venelana has handed her all of her best genes. We may not see much of this waifu on screen, but she has definitely made her presence and anime titties known.

Just one look will make you want to fondle those humongous tits!

Do you have anything to share about your favorite tittied anime waifu? Feel free to join us at the Otaku Community!

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