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Easter in Japan: Do Japanese Like to Celebrate This Western Holiday Too?

Are Easter Eggs only for Anime and Games?

The rabbit mink Carrot onboard Thousand Sunny
One Piece, Episode 789 || Credits: One Piece IMDb

Before moving to Japan and learning more about Japanese culture, I wondered in what ways it was different from mine or similar to what I saw in anime.

As time passed, I learned about many similarities and differences, and they made me love Japan even more! 😍

I have already discussed the connection between Christmas and fried chicken in Japan and Halloween’s “mundane costume” trend, but what about Easter?

Does Japan Celebrate Easter?

Haru looking up defiantly
Beastars, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: Beastars IMDb

Unlike other Western holidays, Easter hasn't caught on in Japan, so they don't usually celebrate it.

Even though some companies and people prepare products and activities related to Easter, it’s mostly for tourists. And their activities are less expressive than other holidays, which is good!

During spring, Japan has various festivals and traditions you can experience! Even when it comes to food, spring is the perfect time to try traditional snacks, like the colorful hanami dango!

Some Japanese Spring Festivals

Melona, from Queen's Blade, is both a slime girl and a bunny girl!
Queen's Blade: Rebellion, Season 1, Episode 12 || Credits: Queen's Blade: Rebellion IMDb

While there aren't many remarkable celebrations in Japan at Easter, other religious festivities happen throughout the country yearly (The Matsuri)!

Traditionally, Matsuri are Shinto festivals that aim to thank the gods. But nowadays, festivals have other purposes, such as celebrating the seasons or historical events. They may involve shows, parades, music, and dances.

I recommend that every otaku participates in the Cherry Blossom Festival at least once, if possible.

Personally, I love getting together with my friends to have a delicious picnic under the cherry trees and going to parties!

The Sweet Yoshino Himekawa and her Puppet (and alter-ego) Yoshinon, from Date A Live
Date A Live, Season 3, Episode 6 || Credits: Date A Live IMDb

Aside from Hanami, other Japanese spring festivals are the Naha Hari, with the dragon boat race; Kanda Matsuri, only in odd-numbered years; and the Takayama Festival, considered one of the most beautiful matsuris in Japan.

What is Spring Like In Your Country?

Spring in Japan can be fun for Otakus, with new anime every year and many festivals to attend, it takes a lot of work to get bored!

But I wonder: what about YOU?

What do you like to do in Spring? Do you attend any anime conventions? Do you take the opportunity to worship your bunny-girl waifus?

Regardless of the season, what I like the most is to have a good time with my friends and bring them new anime-related surprises. I want to see them happy!

Feel free to join my Otaku Community and stay tuned for more content here at my blog!

Source: JRPass, Japan Travel Planner

Images from IMDb

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