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Every Time Centorea Shianus's Uncensored Boobs Were Shown in Monster Musume

A topless Centorea Shianus covering her breasts using her hands

We all love Centorea Shianus, the gorgeous centaur from Everyday Life with Monster Girls. Her elegance and strength are amazing! But let's be real: we also can't ignore her, ahem... other assets.

Centorea is undoubtedly more than a pretty face. She's also a fierce warrior with a heart of gold. Her moments in the show are unforgettable. Case in point: the huge melons she carries around daily.

So, let's get into it! Here are all the times Centorea’s uncensored boobs were shown in Monster Musume. Grab your popcorn or tissues, and let's go.

Holding on For Dear Life - Episode 2

Everyday Life with Monster Girls episode 2
Everyday Life with Monster Girls episode 2

Let's look at episode 2 when Centorea meets Kimihito Kurusu in a super dramatic way. She literally runs into him, thinking it’s how to find her soulmate. And in a way, it kind of worked.

Suddenly, a thief steals a bag and zooms by on a motorcycle. The duo decides to chase him down, but since It’s Kurusu’s first time riding her, he tries to grab anything that would keep him from falling off her back. And apparently, Centorea's jugs were his first choice, sly guy.

Oh, and water jugs would eventually splash over Centorea's dress, showing her most famous assets fondled in all their uncensored glory. So much for covering them, Kurusu; you fondled them instead.

A Slippery Encounter - Episode 4

Kurusu mistakenly fondles Centorea's boobs while in the bath
Credits: Neopalitan - Deviantart

Let's dive into Episode 4 when Kurusu is taking a relaxing bath. Suddenly, Centorea barges in, claiming she's there to protect him from a mysterious slime intruder in their home.

Spoiler alert: the slime is actually Suu. Anyway, Centorea asks Kurusu to wash her. Things get steamy fast, and Kurusu misunderstands and ends up touching her rump, which Centorea says is a "delicate" place.

Panic ensues, and, oops, Kurusu's hands end up on Centorea's boobs again. Fondling them again just like he always does. Oh, Kurusu, you just can't catch a break!

Ice Cream Surprise - Episode 9

Everyday Life with Monster Girls episode 9
Everyday Life with Monster Girls episode 9

Let's scoop into Episode 7 when Centorea and Miia go undercover as ice cream truck vendors. They're stalking Kurusu and Smith, who are on a date.

Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you view it), the disguise uniforms are too tight for Centorea’s legendary chest. Miia’s shenanigans don't help either, and the whole top eventually rips apart.

The audience is delighted, and nosebleeds are everywhere from the men watching. Centorea’s chest is on full display, giving everyone an unforgettable treat that's better than any ice cream.

Hypnotized Into Going to Heat - Episode 10

An aroused Centorea letting Kurusu fondle her boobs while he looks to be in distress
Everyday Life with Monster Girls episode 10

Centorea is feeling down during a park picnic with Kurusu because she wants to be more useful to him. She then decides to cool off somewhere when suddenly, a little devil hypnotizes her.

The spell put Centorea into full-on mating mode, sending her into complete heat. And when she sees Kurusu, she already can't hold back and already has her boobs out in full view! Talk about daring.

Centorea unleashes her desires on Kurusu. And yes, the main highlight is her letting Kurusu fondle her boobs, just like always. Lucky guy, right?

Did I Miss Any?

Did I miss any epic Centorea scenes? If I did, don't hesitate to let me know! Join our community and share your favorite moments. Together, we'll celebrate all things Centorea and Monster Musume!

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