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Uncensored Akeno Himejima Moments Showing Off Her Bare Boobs — Weekly DxD

A fully naked Akeno on a black and white checkered floor
Credits: High School DxD

Konnichiwa, my lovely otakus! We're looking at some unforgettable, heart-pounding, uncensored moments of our favorite priestess of thunder, Akeno Himejima herself.

For many otakus, Akeno-chan is the queen of sensuality, power, and oppai! She has everyone beat when it comes to boob size (yes, even Rias), as she has the biggest pair in the entire cast of High School DxD.

Now you know how much I adore sharing all the juicy details with all of you. So, get comfy, grab your favorite snack, and let's jump right into the steamy, uncensored moments of Akeno-chan. Oppai alert ahead!

Dress Break Reveal

Akeno without any clothing, smiling with one hand on her hip
High School DxD OVA episode 2

Let's start things off with the time the Occult Research Club members fought against the ancient sorcerer Unas. This dude is strange by every measure of the word, first possessing Issei and then showing up looking like King Tut from ancient Egypt buried smack dab in the middle of Japan.

Things get heated when the girls get entangled BDSM style in cursed bandages. That's when Issei swooped in with his legendary Dress Break technique, showing our lightning queen in full uncensored oppai fashion.

Battle of The Two Beauties by The Pool

A topless Akeno is standing by the pool, and Issei is sitting down beside her
High School DxD New episode 7

In this scene, our heroes are on pool cleaning duty when Akeno-chan decides it's the perfect time to get a little aggressive with her flirting. But things heat up even more when Rias catches on and isn't about to let Akeno steal all of Issei's attention. The tension skyrockets as the two beauties square off, topless and ready to fight for their affections.

Guess Who's Under The Sheets

Akeno crawling under the sheets of a bed
High School DxD BorN episode 1

This next scene will surely wake anyone up! Can you imagine just waking up to a naked Akeno-chan crawling above you in bed? Issei is one lucky guy to have a seductive early morning encounter with his "Yamato Nadeshiko." Psst that means an incredibly beautiful girl in Japanese, and Issei used that word to describe Akeno-Chan.

As she leaned in for a kiss, however, Rias suddenly woke up to end their fun. What follows is another one of their famous naked fights between two naked bishoujo over Issei. Truly lucky indeed.

A Hot Spring Paradise

Akeno taking a bath at a hot spring
High School DxD HERO

The next entry is from the latest season of the show, High School DxD BORN. It features Akeno-chan in an all-new animation style but with all the ecchiness and sexiness that she always had.

While having a relaxing bath with Koneko and Rias, Akeno decided to inspect the latter's oppai a little bit closer. With all the steam coming off, it's easy to mistake this moment as a scene from heaven, but instead of angels, we get two big-boobed devils comparing their oppais. I guess it is heaven after all.

Sorry About The Black Bars

I know, I know. Those pesky black bars covering Akeno-chan's beautiful assets might be a bit of a buzzkill. But fear not! It's all for the greater good of keeping things, well, you know, safe for work.

Rest assured, though, these scenes are completely uncensored in the show. So, if you're craving a full, unobstructed view of those mesmerizing gems, just go watch High School DxD. And hey, if you're looking to enjoy Akeno's charms without any obstructions at all, don't forget to check out the figures inside The Otaku Box. They're top removable, just like in your favorite scenes! Yatta!

Now, before we say goodbye, which one stole your heart the most? Was it her playful bath antics or her steamy showdowns with Rias? Or perhaps you have another scene in mind that left you breathless?

Let us know over at the anime community. It's a forum waiting for passionate fans like you and me who love everything ecchi. See you at the forums, until next time, mata ne!

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