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Should A Human Become The Demon King? Find Out in The New Anime: Helck!

The anime Helck is one of the releases for the Summer 2023 anime season, and I’m looking forward to watching it!

Helck sends a demon flying with a punch
Helck, Promotional Video 1

Imagine your king is defeated, and the most likely candidate to succeed him is from the enemy’s side! He swears he is a friend, but should he be trusted? It doesn’t sound right!

That’s what happens in Helck, one of the new releases for this summer anime season! In this post, I’ll share everything about this title, its characters, and, most importantly, the release date!

What is Helck About?

Helck started as a manga published from 2014 to 2017. Written and illustrated by Nanao Nanaki, it has over 100 chapters divided into twelve volumes.

In Helck, the Demon King is defeated, and a new one will be chosen in a tournament. The favorite contestant, however, is a smiley human with absurd strength called Helck, that says he hates other humans and wants to destroy them all.

Suspicious of Helck’s real intentions, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Empire, the demon lady Red Vamirio, seeks to reveal the truth about the man — for the sake of the demon kingdom!

About The Main Characters


Smiley Helck as seen in the Key Visual of Helck anime adaptation
Helck, Key Visual || Credits: Helck IMDb

The protagonist of the series, Helck, is a human who claims to be after the title of Demon King to destroy his kind. He even has a great chance of ascending to the throne.

Helck is a tall, muscular man with bluish hair that changes color when he goes berserk. He is kind, optimistic, and even somewhat naive. He truly values his friends and is rather protective. However, Helck is the type to hold grudges easily and has difficulty moving on from situations.


Angry Vamirio in the Key Visual of Helck anime adaptation
Helck, Key Visual || Credits: Helck IMDb

Red Vamirio is a demon lady who doesn’t trust Helck and, as one of the overseers of the demon realm, wants to find out the truth behind his words.

She is short with modest proportions, long pointy ears, red hair, and golden eyes. Her lousy temper is easily noticed through her usually annoyed face, and she doesn’t trust others easily. But she truly cares about the inhabitants of the Demon Kingdom.

Helck, The Anime

The author announced the anime adaptation early in 2022, and the day of the premier is coming! The release date is July 12, and the show is expected to air for two cours straight!

Let The Games Begin!

Summer 2023 seems a promising anime season, and I’m so excited! There will be new adaptations, such as Helck, and new seasons of shows I love.

What anime are you looking forward to watching next season?

Regardless of what they are, don’t forget to vote for them so I know which ones you’d like to see in your next anime box! And if there are others you’d like to learn more about, check the posts below or tell me through comments on my socials or Otaku Community!

Key Visuals from IMDb

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