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Five Anime Like Chained Soldier (Mato Seihei No Slave) For Fans To Watch Next

Waifus will assert dominance, and you’ll love it!

Five anime recommendations for fans of Mato Seihei no Slave
Chained Soldier, Season 1, Opening || Credits:

Chained Soldier (Mato Seihei No Slave) is one of the first ecchi anime to air in 2024. It’s a harem filled anime with action and gorgeous, strong waifus!

However, since we are reaching the end of the Winter anime season, we must say goodbye to the show— at least for now. But that doesn’t mean the harem fun is over.

This list has more ecchi anime for otakus who enjoyed Mato Seihei No Slave. So they can watch more shows where waifus compete over their beloved servants.

What kind of anime is Chained Soldier (Mato Seihei no Slave)?

Kyouka Uzen kisses Yuuki Wakamura in the ecchi anime Mato Seihei no Slave (Chained Soldier)
Chained Soldier, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

Chained Soldier (Mato Seihei no Slave) is one of the ecchi anime released at the beginning of the Winter Anime Season in 2024. It adapts the homonymous manga by Takahiro, the author of Akame Ga Kill!!

Mato Seihei no Slave begins shortly after Yuuki Wakura graduates from high school. In this story, Japan frequently suffers from mysterious portals to a dimension called “Mato,” a place that houses terrifying monsters named Shuuki.

This place also has fruits that grant supernatural abilities to women, giving humans a chance to fight back. As a result, men descend to the bottom of society, and women become humanity’s new hope!

One day, a man named Yuuki suddenly finds himself in Mato. Incapable of defending himself, he anticipates a gruesome end. However, Kyouka Uzen, the beautiful chief of the Anti-Demon Corps Seventh Unit, comes to the rescue.

Amid a life-and-death situation, Kyouka requests Yuuki’s assistance: to defeat the monsters surrounding them, he has to become her slave!

Five Anime Recommendations for Fans of Chained Soldier (Mato Seihei no Slave)!

Repopulate the World With World’s End Harem (MAL Score: 5.93)

Mira Suou from the ecchi anime World's End Harem
World's End Harem, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

Aside from very few individuals, all men on Earth died, victims of a virus that only affects males. Among the lucky survivors is Reito Mizuhara, a medical student who had been in cryogenic sleep for five years due to a rare but lethal disease.

Once he awakes, he is given a critical mission: mating with as many women as possible to repopulate the planet!

However, Reito is deeply in love with his childhood friend and decides to save the world in his way. While the other male survivors go on making as many babies as possible, Reito instead chooses to fight temptation, investigate the mysterious virus, and find his beloved friend.

Boost the ladies’ powers with Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (MAL Score: 6.12)

Kizuna heals Aine in the ecchi anime Masou Gakuen HxH
Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

Also known as Masou Gakuen HxH, Kizuna Hida possesses the HHG (Heart Hybrid Gear) ability, a magic armor that allows humans to protect themselves from alien invaders. However, he’s not strong enough to make himself particularly important.

Still, under his big sister’s request, he transfers to a strategic defense school where sexy female students master their HHG abilities. Kizuna's fighting ability doesn't measure up, but he soon discovers his talent: by arousing the girls, the boy can replenish their energy or increase their power!

Join pretty girls in Battle with Infinite Stratos (MAL Score: 6.62)

Cecilia Alcott from the ecchi anime Infinite Stratos
IS: Infinite Stratos, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

The story of Infinite Stratos also involves special gear that can be piloted only by women. The power of the weapons called Infinite Stratos (IS) is so immense that an international treaty was signed banning their use as a military asset.

In this setting of powerful women, we meet Ichika Orimura, a 15-year-old boy who is the only male capable of handling such weapons. Due to that, he is forced to enroll in an all-female boarding school where students graduate to become pilots.

Under the guidance of the legendary pilot Chifuyu Orimura, Ichika and his pretty classmates will learn how to defend themselves and their academy against the dangers they are about to face.

Unleash Your Inner Beast with Gleipnir (MAL Score: 6.98)

Clair from the ecchi anime Gleipnir
Gleipnir, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

Gleipner tells the story of the seemingly average student, Shuuichi Kagaya. But Shuuichi, despite not understanding much about the matter, has the secret ability to turn into a monster!

One night, he finds a girl trapped inside a burning building. He transforms and manages to save her but accidentally drops his phone, making it easier for the girl to find him the next day.

She confronts him about his monster self. But learning about Shuuichi’s abilities isn't everything the girl, Claire Aoki, wants from him. She needs help finding her sister, who can also become a monster.

Lord Marksman and Vanadis (MAL Score: 7.11)

Eleonora from the ecchi anime Lord Marksman and Vanadis
Lord Marksman and Vanadis, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

The last anime in this list for ecchi fans of Mato Seihei no Slave takes place in a fantasy version of Europe, where a war between enemy countries brews.

One of them, Zhcted, is ruled by War Maidens known as Vanadis. Another one, Eleonora Viltaria, launches an invasion against their neighboring rival country of Brune and decimates Tigrevurmud Vorn’s army, aside from himself.

Instead of eliminating the young man, she decides to spare his life but demands that he serve her!

Surrender to the Power of Waifus!

Chained Soldier (Mato Seihei no Slave) and all the anime in this list will give you plenty of entertainment, as they are filled with strong, authoritative female anime characters!

Is there any other anime where the main character is destined to serve assertive girls? Share your recommendations at The Otaku Community, and let’s help each other have endless fun watching anime.

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