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The Top 5 Anime Boxes According to Customer Reviews on Trustpilot

What are the best anime boxes according to subscribers
Anime Merch from The Otaku Box - The Otaku Box

One convenient way for anime and manga fans to collect anime merchandise is through anime box subscriptions. Instead of spending time roaming around physical stores or browsing online, those who frequently look for new products related to their favorite shows can subscribe to a plan. Then, comfortably wait for their monthly parcels, stuffed with new goods every month!

What Are The Best Anime Mystery Boxes According To Customer Reviews?

Part of the fun of subscription boxes, whether it's makeup, books, wine, or anime, is that subscribers don’t know what they’ll get until the package arrives. On the other hand, people may feel hesitant about this kind of service because they don't know what type of product they’ll receive or if they’ll be sent anything!

That’s why customer reviews are so important. People who’ve used the service leave their impressions so others can decide if a subscription box is worth trying.

I’ve compiled the most popular anime subscription boxes according to their rank on Trustpilot. So, if you love to pamper yourself with new anime goods, look at these options and consider feeling the joy of receiving a monthly surprise gift.


Anime box sample displayed on NihonBox's website
NihonBox's Score and Home Page

Starting with NihonBox, the anime subscription box service has seven reviews and a score of 2.7 / 5. Despite these numbers, the website shows their boxes include many exciting items such as figurines, t-shirts, snacks, and accessories.


Anime Boxes from Geekcrate
Geekcrate's Score and Home Page

Geekcrate offers different subscription boxes for geeks, including two options for otakus: The Pokémon Box and the Anime and Manga box. It currently has 72 reviews and a score of 3.5 / 5 on Trustpilot. Both subscription boxes contain various accessories, toys, and other items sent according to the subscription plan chosen.


Variety of anime boxes available at Cratejoy
Cratejoy's Score and Anime Box Section

CrateJoy is a mystery box marketplace. The platform hosts subscription boxes for different niches, including anime and manga. Each anime box has its pricing and caters to different tastes. The platform has 92 reviews on Trustpilot and a score of 3.4 / 5.

Kawaii Box

example of items offered by Kawaii Box
Kawaii Box's Score and Home Page

With 642 reviews and a score of 3.9 / 5, Kawaii Box specializes in cute things, like plushies, stationaries, and snacks. Sanrio’s and San-X’s characters are featured in their boxes most frequently, but other adorable anime characters and mascots are also included.

The Otaku Box

Anime Merch sent in previous anime boxes by The Otaku Box
The Otaku Box's Score and Home Page

The Otaku Box offers a subscription service that allows subscribers to participate in the production of each month’s boxes through a voting system! Subscribers are regularly encouraged to vote for their favorite anime and characters (waifus), and goods are created or curated based on customer choices.

This anime subscription box is also customizable. The options include exclusive anime t-shirts, anime figures, and even adult-oriented options. The Otaku Box has over 1400 reviews and an impressive score of 4.7 / 5.


The experience of receiving a mystery box is exciting and unique. To make sure you’ll only have happy surprises, take your time to check the reviews before subscribing to any anime box. You can personally see subscribers have been talking about their anime boxes at The Otaku Community!

Also, read each company’s policies to make sure you’ll receive the right amount and kind of products you desire!

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