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Four Characters that I never expected would change sides!

What in the plot twist are they doing?!

Light plotting against L
Death Note, Season 1, Episode 24 || Credits: Death Note IMDb

Life sometimes takes unexpected turns.

A little piece of information or a small event can completely change people's lives and minds. This is true both in real life and in anime!

This often leads to heroic journeys, fun adventures, and strong friendships. However, some change for the worst and show their darkest side, surprising everyone, including us, the spectators!!!

Eren Jaeger - Attack on Titan

Eren in shock at the Titans' assault
Attack on Titan, Season 1, Episode 5 ||Credits: Attack on Titan IMDb

Eren Jaeger is a former member of the Scout Regiment and the main protagonist of Attack on Titan.

Eren witnessed his mother being eaten by a Titan and was committed to freeing the Earth from the monstrous threat.

But once he learned the truth about the titans, Eren understood his enemies weren’t simply the titans but the humans connected to them.

Ken Kaneki - Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki realizes he became a ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits Tokyo ghoul IMDb

Kaneki was a shy, ordinary young man who, after a terribly wrong date, was transformed into a humanoid creature that feeds on human flesh! That was the first twist in his life!

Because of his good nature, he had trouble accepting his condition as a ghoul, but he found others of his kind who believed humans and ghouls could co-exist peacefully and learned to carry his new life without posing a threat.

Things didn’t get easy for our boy, however. On top of all the trouble he went through, he was captured and tortured. That caused a massive change in his personality.

Ultimately, he wanted to live peacefully and protect his loved ones, both humans and ghouls. Using rather violent and cruel methods, I know…😳

Light Yagami - Death Note

Light Yagami grinning
Death Note, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: Death Note IMDb

“If you want to test someone’s character, give them power,” as they say.

Light is hardworking and extremely intelligent. He had a strong sense of justice and saw in the Death Note a chance to create a better world.

However, the power went to his head, and he became ruthless and manipulative, ready to do whatever it took to achieve his goal.

Instead of using the powers of the notebook against criminals, Light started using it against anyone who could ruin his plans of becoming the “God of The New World.”

Slaine Troyard - ALDNOAH.Zero

Troubled Slaine pointing a gun
Aldnoah.Zero, Season 1, Episode 3 || Credits: Aldnoah.Zero IMDb

During the anime's first half, Slaine Troyard showed how loyal he was to Princess Asseylum.

He helped Inaho, even though they didn’t trust each other, and endured torture to protect his princess!

But things changed drastically after that episode: Slaine received help from the man who restarted the conflicts between Earth and Mars, rose through the ranks, sided with the princess' envious sister, and ignored Asseyum’s wishes for peace!

I felt so betrayed! I deeply trusted him to use his influence to help achieve peace!

Is it really a matter of taking sides?

Just like some bad guys become the nice ones, the characters above and several others went from heroes to villains.

But are they good or bad to begin with? Some are just waiting for an opportunity to show their true nature, while others stay true to their objectives and will do whatever it takes to achieve them.

In the end, the reasons vary a lot, but one thing is for sure: These little traitors spice up their animes in such a way that I can’t help but love and hate them simultaneously!

Images from IMDb

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