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Basilisk's Akeginu Has Snuck Into Your Home! Can You Resist Her Charm?

Why would you resist this beautiful waifu, though?

Akeginu, from the anime Basilisk, looking up with a seductive smile
Basilisk, Season 1, Episode 2

Shhh. Don't tell anyone about this.

Reliable sources informed me that an Iga Ninja has been watching you closely! And I'm not talking about just any ninja. It's none other than Akeginu herself!

This gorgeous waifu won my heart with her seduction and ninja skills. And since I know how much my otaku friends love stunning and deadly female anime characters – here's what you need to know to prepare for such a breathtaking encounter!

The Gorgeous Kunoichi Akeginu

Akeginu's troubled look
Basilisk, Season 1, Episode 20

Kunoichi is generally used to refer to a female ninja, such as Akeginu from the anime Basilisk. She is an attractive woman who knows how to use her features to seduce enemies and take them down.

Akeginu is young with a voluptuous body and beautifully sculpted face. Her long black hair covers her eyes partially, giving her an even more alluring and mysterious look.

She's also graceful and elegant, wearing red lipstick and kimono that fits her name, as Akeginu means red silk.

However, she is not afraid of removing her kimono if the situation calls for drastic measures! Can you imagine yourself as her opponent?😳

Akeginu struggling after being caught and lifted in the air by Jousuke
Basilisk, Season 1, Episode 4

But as dangerous as she can be, it would be unfair not to mention how caring and considerate Akeginu is! Her collected behavior and good manners don't stop her from being an adorable lady.

As Oboro's bodyguard and confidant, she understands and forgives the princess's lack of fighting skills.

Her loyalty and passion are evident, considering the other ninjas from her clan.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Angered Akeginu, ready to fight after taking off one side of her kimono
Basilisk, Season 1, Episode 20

Although she is insanely beautiful, being hypnotized by her looks is the least of your worries.

Akeginu's unique technique involves manipulating her blood and releasing it through the skin to deceive her enemies, blind them, or create a mist that blocks their view.

While her victims are confused, she stealthily hits them with powerful and precise attacks using her katana! My advice is to be sure not to anger this waifu and always stay by her side.That way, you only experience her friendly side!

Will You Let Her Win?

How would you feel opening your door and facing Akeginu and her provocative smile?

Such a wonderful waifu deserves her space here at The Otaku Box, made possible by your votes. So rest assured, you have her eternal gratitude.

Remember to check the blog often to learn more about your beloved anime girls and meet your next favorite waifu!

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