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Grab The Ecchiest Adult Manga on The Internet! EcchiToons is Available Now

EcchiToons poster featuring Liz and other female characters
Credits: The Otaku Box

Ohayō gozaimasu my ecchi kakkoii otakus! I've got the most sugoi news ever: EcchiToons is finally here to answer your unprintable and steaming adult manga wishes!

After years of hard work, I've created the most amazingly ecchi, mature, and X-rated adult manga collection known to otaku-kind.

We're talking zero censorship, zero bars, and zero chill here. So, if you're ready to take the ecchi and mature manga path to pure bliss, let me show you just how hot things are about to get with EcchiToons.

Get Ready to Be Smokin' With EcchiToons

A preview of the items included in the EcchiToons package
Credits: The Otaku Box

Oppai and ecchiness, ahoy! Over 1300 Panty-Dropping Pages Await!

They say size matters, and I'm not just talking about the measurements on these bubble-butted, tit-tacular manga maidens either. With a whopping 1300+ pages of top-quality ero-guro filth, you'll need a vat of cold water nearby to douse yourself after each deliriously uncensored chapter.

Kawaii on the outside but oozing hot erotica on the inside - that's how we roll in Ecchi Town!

I'm talking full-color, and no holding back where the only censor is the sweat dripping down your beaten and battered body. Be sure to stay hydrated because these scenes are sizzling hot enough to vaporize an entire neighborhood if you're not careful.

Eight Sizzling Storylines from the Heart of Japan

Liz presenting pages of EcchiToons
Credits: The Otaku Box

You can bet your sweaty oshiri that I didn't let just any lame fan artist touch these pages with a 10-foot tentacle pole. Nope! Only the most elite mangakas and artists from Akihabara's circles were allowed to bring their fantasies to uncensored life.

With eight complete ero-manga stories included, you'll enjoy a pervert's potpourri of kinks. Quick spoiler alert, we got lecherous lamias, diabolical dark elves, sinister shotas, and a whole lot more.

Comes With FREE Figures!

What's better than ogling sexy 2D waifus? Having those buxom beauties manifested into an amazing FREE acrylic figure, that's what.

Yeah, you read that right. I'm such a generous ecchi queen that every single order scores a sexy figure to adorn your waifu shrine. With a rotating selection of busty waifus on offer, you'll be able to build an entire harem... just try not to get too handsy, okay?

Step-by-Step on How To Buy EcchiToons

EcchiToons digital and print version selection page
Credits: The Otaku Box

Like everything else in life, nothing comes for free anymore, not even ecchi mangas or adult webtoons. So here's a step-by-step guide on how to sink your greedy eyes into EcchiToons's erotic pages:

  1. Head over to The Otaku Box's EcchiToons page for a SFW buying experience if you need it. But if you're not actually at the office and would like a more uncensored, oppai-filled screen, I've also got you covered. Just visit the official EcchiToons website.
  2. Once there, you'll get to choose between the digital download for instant ecchi gratification or a premium printed book set if you like your adult manga in the old-fashioned way.
  3. At checkout, fill in those details just like normal. But if rent's a bit tight this month, don't sweat it! You can always buy it at a later time, and EcchiToons will always be waiting for you.
  4. Once it's in your hands (and other places, ya nasties), that uncensored adult manga is 100% yours to cherish, treasure, and "appreciate" as you see fit.

Quick note for those who picked digital for their harem manga: you'll receive elite PDF volumes jammed with every racy panel and juicy cosplay pics in your inbox within minutes. Those who opted for the printed version will just need to hold back a bit longer, around a two-week waiting time. But I promise, it's all worth the wait.

The ero-manga train is leaving the station, and you'd better be onboard!

Love Reading EcchiToons? Check Out My Other Blogs!

Waifu and Yaoi box products side by side
Credits: The Otaku Box

I know what you're thinking - "But Liz, how can I possibly get my ecchi fix after reading every last page of your amazing EcchiToons collection?!" Have no fear, my fellow otaku! While you're waiting for me to whip up new volumes of top-tier ero-manga mastery, I have many steamy anime blogs to keep you hot and bothered.

My Waifu blogs are every bit as steamy and dripping with unrestrained ecchi energy as EcchiToons. And that's not even covering my anime community and forum, where I share the naughtiest anime/manga pictures and news and allow my fellow otakus to discuss their favorite deliciously kinky series.

So don't even think about taking a break after finishing those 1300+ pages of erotic euphoria. This is just the start of a never-ending ecchi extravaganza, with yours truly leading the delightfully depraved charge every lewd step of the way.

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