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The Best Panty Shots from Rosario Vampire!

From Left to Right: Ruby Toujou
From Left to Right: Ruby Toujou

Rosario + Vampire is a wild ride filled with monsters, romance, and... panty shots. Oh yeah, you better believe it!

This anime doesn't hold back on the fanservice, and it's kinda awesome. In fact, with an average of 19 panty shots per episode and a whopping 254 panty shots in just the first season, Rosario + Vampire delivers!

But to properly appreciate these panties, we need to get to know the girls of Rosario Vampire. The show's female characters are a delightful mix of gorgeous monster girls, each with their own unique charm and, yes, plenty of revealing outfits!

So, let's get into the nitty-gritty and rank the very best panty shots this series has to offer.

1. Outer Moka Akashiya

Get to Know Outer Moka Akashiya!
Get to Know Outer Moka Akashiya!

Outer Moka is the bubbly and kind-hearted face of Rosario + Vampire. But don't let her innocent demeanor fool you!

Beneath that gentle exterior lies a powerful vampiress, sealed away by the rosary around her neck.

When the rosary is removed, Outer Moka transforms into her Inner Moka persona, revealing her true strength!

She's the girl next door with a hidden secret, a sweetheart with a bite. With her captivating blend of kindness, beauty, and hidden power, Outer Moka is a hard character not to love!

Moka sitting down on the floor with her white panties shown
Rosario + Vampire Season 1
Moka lying on top of Tsukune while her white panties are shown
Rosario Vampire Season 1

Ruby Toujou

Get to Know Ruby Toujou!
Get to Know Ruby Toujou!

Ruby Toujou is the quirky witch of Rosario + Vampire. She's got this long, flowing black hair, glasses that give her a cute, brainy look, and a witch's hat that's always perched on her head.

But don't be fooled by her appearance, Ruby's a force to be reckoned with. She's got mad skills in magic, and she's not afraid to use them!

There's more to Ruby than meets the eye.

There are hints of a tragic event that shaped her into who she is today. It's a bit of a tearjerker, but it also adds a layer of depth to her character!

Ruby sitting down by a tree in her pink panties
Rosario + Vampire Season 2
Ruby Showing off her lace panties
Rosario Vampire Season 2

Yukari Sendo

Yukari at Yoaki Academy smiling while holding her wand
Get to Know Yukari Sendo!

Yukari Sendo is a pint-sized powerhouse overflowing with magical prowess that could rival a coven of witches!

At Yokai Academy, she might be the youngest student, but she's far from the weakest link. Yukari's a magical prodigy, whipping up spells and concoctions like a seasoned pro!

Yukari's fiercely loyal and protective of her friends, even if she occasionally comes off as a know-it-all (hey, she's just super passionate about magic, okay?).

She's a bundle of contradictions – but that's exactly what makes her an unforgettable character!

Kurumu smacking Yukari's butt with her white panties shown
Rosario + Vampire Season 1
Tsukune protecting Yukari while her green panties are shown
Rosario Vampire Season 1

Kokoa Shuzen

Kokoa staring at Tsukune, hatching an evil plan
Get to Know Kokoa Shuzen!

Kokoa Shuzen is the younger sister of Moka in Rosario + Vampire, and she's definitely got a lot of spunk!

Despite her young age, Kokoa is a skilled vampire with impressive powers. She can transform into a bat, control fire, and use her magic to create all sorts of chaos!

She's a bit of a troublemaker, always getting into mischief and causing a ruckus wherever she goes. But hey, that's part of her charm!

And sure, her love for her sister Moka might be a little crazy, but she'll do anything to protect her. Kokoa's not afraid to stand up to anyone threatening her family, and she's always got their back, no matter what!

Photographer taking a picture of Kokoa's pink underwear
Rosario Vampire Season 2
Kokoa holding a bat ready to attack Tsukune
Rosario Vampire Season 2

Mizore Shirayuki

Mizore offering shaved ice to Tsukune
Get to Know Mizore Shirayuki!

Mizore Shirayuki is a girl with a name as cool as ice and a personality to match. When her emotions run high, watch out! Her ice powers surge, creating a breathtaking spectacle of frozen beauty.

She's often misunderstood and alone, but she's found a place where she belongs: with her friends.

A playful side emerges as she opens up to her friends at the Newspaper Club. Her ice puns may make you groan, but they also reveal a warmth and a desire to connect with others.

Mizore Shirayuki is cold yet warm, distant yet yearning for connection. She reminds us that friendship can melt even the iciest of hearts!

Mizore bent over backward, showing her striped panties
Rosario Vampire Season 2
Mizore leaning over Moka's desk, showing her striped panties
Rosario Vampire Season 1

Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu blushing after talking to Tsukune
Get to know Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu Kurono is the big-tittied succubus who's always got love on her mind. She's got this playful and flirty personality, always ready to turn up the heat and make things interesting!

One of the things that makes Kurumu unique is her ability to charm and seduce pretty much anyone. She's got this hypnotic power that can make even the most stoic person weak in the knees.

Kurumu's not perfect, of course. She can be a bit impulsive and jealous sometimes, and she's always got a bit of a competitive streak. But that's just part of what makes her so lovable!

Kurumu crawls to Tsukune, showing off her blue panties
Rosario Vampire Season 1
Kurumu's blue panties being blown off
Rosario Vampire Season 1

Inner Moka Akashiya

Inner Moka getting ready to fight in the blood night
Get to Know Inner Moka!

Inner Moka is the polar opposite of her outer self. One minute, she's Moka, the sweet and gentle schoolgirl. But at the brink of danger, Inner Moka emerges.

So when that rosary comes off, you better watch out! She's a fierce protector of her friends, a relentless warrior who takes no prisoners!

But Inner Moka isn't just a fighting machine; she's actually quite kind and caring. She's also got a dry sense of humor, always ready with a witty comeback!

She's the ultimate badass with a surprisingly soft side, a fearsome warrior with a heart full of love!

Outer Moka kicking a blue-haired yokai mid-air, showing her white panties
Rosario + Vampire Season 1
Moka kicking a brown-haired yokai, showing her white panties
Rosario Vampire Season 1

Which panty shot was your favorite? Did any waifu from Rosario + Vampire catch your eye? Let us know at the Otaku Community!

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