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Gushing Over Magical Girls Is The Right Anime For Your Fanservice Needs

The fanservice in Gushing Over Magical Girls is on another level, and you should watch it!

About the new ecchi anime Gushing Over Magical Girls
Gushing Over Magical Girls, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: IMDb

Four anime released in the Winter of 2024 were classified as ecchi, and so far, it looks like the naughtiest of them is Gushing Over Magical Girls (Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete or Mahoako for short)!

Showing the story of a lustful villain, the first few episodes are already filled with extremely perverted scenes. So, if intense fanservice is what you’re looking for in 2024, read my quick preview below and add Gushing Over Magical Girls to your 2024 anime watchlist!

Gushing Over Magical Girls: Delivering Intense Ecchi from Episode One

Gushing Over Magical Girls is an action-comedy series adapting the web manga by Akihiro Ononaka. The anime airs every Wednesday with three different censorship versions:

  • TV Broadcast Version: Fully censored. This is the version that airs on most channels and streaming services.
  • Akogare Version: Partially censored. AT-X broadcast, Docomo Anime Store, and HIDIVE streaming.
  • Chou Akogare Version: Uncensored. Exclusive to the Blu-Ray Disc and DVD.

With three levels of censorship, I imagine this anime won’t take it easy with its sexiness!

In the show, we meet Utena Hiiragi, a rather average young girl who is an introvert and not very good at anything. But she is obsessed with magical girls! She has always looked up to them and dreams of becoming a cool heroine who fights evil, too.

Suddenly, a mysterious and adorable black creature approaches her, claiming she has magical power lying dormant within and could be a magical girl herself. What Utena didn’t expect was that she would be the villain!

That goes against Utena’s dreams, and she refuses to accept the role of an enemy to those she loves so much. However, before she can quit, a group of magical girls appear, and she has no choice but to defend herself.

That’s also when Utena discovers how much she enjoys teasing and inflicting pain on her enemies. Her sadistic, villainous side awakens!

Meet The Waifus

Enormeeta: The Naughty Villains

The Villain trio in Gushing over Magical Girls
Gushing Over Magical Girls, Key Visual || Credits: Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete Wiki

Utena Hiiragi: The Sadistic Villain Magia Baiser

Utena Hiiragi as the sadistic Magia Baiser
Gushing Over Magical Girls, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits:

Utena Hiiragi, called Magia Baiser when she transforms, is the protagonist and leader of the evil organization Enormeeta. She attends the same school as the girls of Tres Magia. But luckily, they aren’t aware of each others’ identities due to magic that prevents them from being recognized.

Utena is a shy girl whose main characteristic is her deep admiration for magical girls. She’s a huge fan who wished to fight alongside Tres Magia.

When approached by the evil organization mascot, Venalita, she transforms into a magical girl for the first time. Utena was shocked by how revealing her clothes were compared to the heroes' cute dresses.

While Utena refused when told she was supposed to be the villain, her sadistic nature came to the surface after getting a taste of making the magical girls vulnerable and exposed.

Kiwi Araga: Leopard

Kiwi Aragawa was jealous of the magical girls for being more popular on social media than her. So she joined Enormeeta, becoming Leopard, the evil magical girl with a lewd military uniform.

Initially hostile towards Utena, she softens and develops a crush on her. She also likes humiliating the Tres Magia and is naturally inclined to argue with Magia Sulfur.

Korisu Morino: Nero Alice

Korisu is the youngest of them all. She doesn’t get involved in the perverted play of the other girls. She’s the type that rarely speaks and is very calm and reserved, only worrying about her toys. It's easy to identify her in that "Alice in Wonderland" kind of dress.

Tres Magia: The Virtuous Heroes

Tres Magia challenging Magia Baiser
Gushing Over Magical Girls, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: IMDb

Haruka Hanabishi: Magia Magenta

Haruka is the typical leader of a magical girl team. She’s naive, not very smart, nor the most skilled in the trio, and wears a pink outfit. She cares a lot about her friends, acts friendly to everybody, and is highly energetic!

Kaoruko Tenkawa: Magia Sulfur

The blonde magical girl in the yellow dress is Kaoroku. She appears calm and cool in public, but in reality, she is rude and short-tempered. She won’t hesitate to start a conflict or taunt others. Kaoruko is the smartest of the trio and is always ready to protect her friends from foes!

Sayo Minakami: Magia Azul

Sayo Minakami, Magia Azul,  tied up by vines
Gushing Over Magical Girls, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: IMDb

Calm and composed, Sayo is a brave miko (shrine maiden) who doesn’t hesitate to help others. Her magical girl name means "blue," like her outfit.

After fighting the villains, though, she shows a different side. Sayo becomes more aggressive and reckless, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. She secretly enjoyed being attacked by Magia Baiser!

Ready to Watch Ecchi Anime?

Gushing over Magical Girls seems to be the one show that’ll bomb otakus with lewd scenes for the next three months. Are you going to watch it?

What are the top anime you’re looking forward to watching in 2024? I’d love to know what great shows I shouldn’t miss this year.

So why don’t you join me and fellow otakus at The Otaku Community? We can discuss anime and waifus together!

Images from IMDb and Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete Wiki
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