Have You Heard of Kodomomuke? Adorable Anime to Watch with Little Otakus!

Amazing shows for children and adults alike!

Keita Amano and his Yo-kai watch
Yo-kai Watch, Season 3, Episode 2 || Credits: Yo-kai Watch IMDb

I grew up watching anime, and so did many fellow otakus!

My love for anime grew stronger daily, but my tastes and interests changed as I grew older. Most shows I watch now aren’t appropriate for little Liz from the past.

Likewise, grown-up otakus with children or young siblings may feel like introducing them to anime without sharing the extreme violence, nudity, or other sensitive subjects commonly occurring in mainstream anime series.

And that’s when the sub-genre Kodomomuke comes in handy!

If you don’t know about this anime genre and want recommendations, keep reading and prepare to create pleasant memories with younger otakus.

What is Kodomomuke?

Kodomomuke is Anime for Children!

Kodomomuke means “for children” and is aimed at kids generally from three to ten years old. They are often gender-neutral, although some titles may please certain groups more than others. Consider the Pretty Cure Franchise with pretty magical girls or Beyblade and its endless tournaments and extraordinary beasts as examples.

Yo-kai Watch

Keita (Nathan Adams) and his yokai friends
Yôkai Watch: the Movie: The Flying Whale and the Grand Adventure of the Double Worlds, Meow! || Credits: IMDb

Based on the homonymous game, the Yo-kai Watch anime has over 200 episodes besides sequels and movies.

The adaptation is a comedy that focuses on Keita Amano (Nathan Adams) and his encounters with different yokai, spiritual beings behind all sorts of incidents.

Yokai are usually invisible to humans, but with a Yo-kai Watch, they can be seen and even summoned after the holder befriends them.


Hamtaro looks confident
Hamtaro, Season 1, Episode 6 || Credits: The Hamtaro Wiki

The world might be huge when you are only a few inches tall, but that only means there’s more to explore as an adventurous little hamster!

Hamtaro is a cute series from the 2000s with nearly 300 episodes and a few OVAs. It follows the adventures of Hamtaro and his hamster friends after moving to a new house with owner Hiroko Haruna (Laura Haruna) and her family.


Moomin, Snufkin, and Little My
Comet in Moominland (1992), Movie || Credits: Comet in Moominland (1992)

The finished work by Tove Jansson from 1945 received a couple of anime film and series adaptations since 1969.

The movie Comet in Moominland adapts the second novel of the series. It tells the adventures of these gentle trolls and friends on their way to an observatory to confirm if a comet is approaching the village.

However, the short film Aurora in Moominvalley is the most recent project.

Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katri no Nazotoki File

Katrielle and Sherl
Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katori no Nazotoki File, Promo Art || Credits: Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katori no Nazotoki File IMDb

You and your little detectives will enjoy watching the daughter of the world-famous Professor Layton solve mysteries!

Katrielle Layton is the daughter of the respected archeologist Professor Layton. She has her detective agency where she, her assistant Noah, and the dog Sherl help people troubled by unexplained cases.

However, her father's disappearance is the biggest mystery she needs to solve. So Katrielle uses her deduction skills to solve customer cases while also being attentive to collect clues about her family enigma!


Yume Hinata and the plush kitten Mew
Mewkledreamy, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: Mewkledreamy Wiki

If your little one likes plushies and magical girls, show them this sweet anime from Sanrio! But be aware that you might have to buy plush kittens soon! Even I want one!

In Mewkledreamy, the queen of Miracle Dreamy Kingdom asked her fairies to make plush kitties and send them to Earth to meet human partners.

Together they are supposed to enter the dreams of worried or troubled people to help them and collect gems called Dream Stones.


Doraemon and Nobi looking out through the window
Doraemon (1979), Episode 173 || Credits: Doraemon IMDb

Last but not least, a classic anime for children, Doraemon! First aired in 1979, and with over 43 movies, there's plenty for you and your kids to watch together.

Doraemon is a defective cat robot sent from the future to help the lazy Nobita Nobi get his life together.

The duo form a strong bond and never leave each other’s side. However, as much as Doraemon has the best intentions, it is hard to tell if Nobita’s future will be brighter. But it’s exciting for sure.


When letting younger otakus watch anime, you can always resort to shows, such as Pokemon or Digimon, which are great productions. But it’s good to remember there are many other titles.

You can find all sorts of anime to watch with your little ones in the Kodomomuke genre!

Send this list to your friends who want to watch anime with their kids without worrying about blood or mature content. And if this is the thing you like, check the posts below for more anime recommendations. You can also check out the ones from my fellow otakus in my Otaku Community!

Images from IMDb, The Hamtaro Wiki, Mewkledreamy Wiki

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