Erza Scarlet: Is Your Waifu As Strong As This Class-S Mage?

The queen of the fairies has everything I could wish for in an anime girl!

Erza Scarlet at the beach wearing a bikini
Fairy Tail, OVA 4: Fairies' Training Camp || Credits: Fairy Tail IMDb

All waifus are beautiful, and finding highly-skilled fighters or magic experts among them is easy.

But is your waifu all of that at the same time? I know one who is!

Erza Scarlet is one of the leading female characters of the anime Fairy Tail. She is a respected mage, a feared knight, and a beautiful young woman! She is such an imposing figure in her guild that they nicknamed her after a queen!

In this post, I will show you Erza Scarlet’s amazingness. This is your chance to meet another breathtaking anime girl!

The Scarlet

Erza Scarlet in Goth Loli outfit
Fairy Tail, Season 1, Episode 43 || Credits: Fairy Tail Wiki

Erza Scarlet is a nineteen-year-old lady with a sculpted body and long red hair, usually parted to the right covering her artificial eye. Her Fairy Tail mark is located on her left arm.

My waifu Erza is a strong and respected member of the Fairy Tail Guild! Plus, as if earning the title of S-Class Mage wasn’t enough, she is also the youngest member to reach that high rank, accomplishing it at fifteen!

She even took the role of Guild Master temporarily!

Erza is strict and impatient and often has a stern look. She doesn’t tolerate bad behavior, causing other guild members to fear or avoid her. But she is also a reliable, kind friend with a strong sense of justice.

Despite her seriousness, Erza has an ecchi side too! She secretly likes erotic novels and owns a series of revealing outfits that show off her physical attributes.

Also, unlike Cana, Erza can’t hold her liquor. It’s dangerous to leave her near alcohol because she can become aggressive. Not to mention she can’t recognize people very well when intoxicated!

The Queen of The Fairies

Erza Scarlet in a hot spring
Fairy Tail, OVA 4: Fairies' Training Camp || Credits:Fairy Tail IMDb

Strong and highly skilled Erza Scarlet earned the nickname Titania, the same as the fairies queen. However, her road to the top is packed with pain and sorrow.

It all started hundreds of years before Erza was born when magic stopped her development in her mother’s womb.

Not believing the pregnancy, her father stabbed Scarlet’s mom in the stomach. Erza’s story could have ended there.

However, her mother transformed into a dragon and fled, remaining in that form for centuries until help arrived. She received support to recover her human form, but the effects of spending such a long time in a different body remained, and Erza's mother tried to enchant herself into her own baby, in hopes that once she gave birth, her consciousness would inhabit a brand-new human body.

Erza Scarlet embarrassed, wearing a maid outfit
Fairy Tail, OVA 6: Fairy Tail x Rave Master || Credits: Fairy Tail IMDb

Lucky for us, her mother's enchantment didn't work; our waifu was then abandoned in a small village and grew up there until being kidnapped and enslaved with several other children.

As one could expect, things only became worse from there.

My poor little Erza was tortured and lost her right eye while trying to escape. She had to witness her precious friends suffer too.

However, those terrible events awakened her magic power, allowing her to escape eventually.

When Erza made it to the Fairy Tail Guild, she wore armor constantly and preferred to maintain distance from the other members. But as years passed, she became more comfortable around her mates but also grew stricter about their behavior and habits, until she became the feared queen we love so much now!

The Knight

Erza's top torn apart
Fairy Tail, OVA 6: Fairy Tail x Rave Master || Credits: Fairy Tail IMDb

Such a cool waifu must also have extraordinary abilities, don’t you think?

After all, she is an S-class mage!

Erza’s physical abilities are impressive. With imposing agility, strength, and endurance, I feel sorry for those who dare stand in her way.

She can easily use various weapons in battle and has excellent hand-to-hand combat expertise. And let’s not forget about her unmatched Magic Power!

She excels in using magic spells, and her main move is the requip, a magic that allows its user to summon items whenever they want.

Erza’s requip style is the knight, which allows her to change armor, weapons, and even clothes! She has over a hundred armors and outfits, ensuring readiness no matter the situation — be it a surprise attack or a romantic date.


It’s easy to understand why so many otakus are happy to bow to her majesty Erza Scarlet after seeing her in action and learning her story.

Our queen, Titania, suffered a lot in the past. But now she deserves lots of love. You can use the buttons on the left to send this post to a friend who would love to be ruled by this waifu!

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Images from IMDb, Fairy Tail Wiki

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