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Hot Anime Girls Galore! A Fairy Tail Waifu Tier List

Lucy and Erza posing in a bikini
Lucy and Erza in Bikinis

Get ready to ignite your passions because we're diving deep into the fiery world of Fairy Tail to answer the burning question: Who is the hottest waifu?

We'll be ranking the most beloved ladies of the Fairy Tail Guild based on beauty, body (heavy on the titties!), personality, and power.

So grab your guild mark, summon your celestial spirits, and get ready to cheer for your favorite waifu as we rank the hottest girls in the guild!


Fairy Tail Evergreen topless and going through her hair
Evergreen going through her hair

All right, Fairy Tail fam, let's talk about Evergreen!

A lot of fans were kinda "meh" about her at first, especially during that whole Laxus takeover thing where she was totally on the wrong side. But hey, at least she's part of the guild now!

Then, Tenrou's arc came, and we got to know her a bit better. She has this cute, funny vibe that's impossible not to like.

Evergreen totally nails the whole beauty queen trope. She's obsessed with being super feminine, which makes her pairing with Elfman – the ultimate manly man – absolutely adorable. It's like the perfect opposite attracts situation, right?

We don't see Evergreen as often as other Fairy Tail characters, but she makes the most of her moments. Her little domestic scenes with Elfman are pure gold, and she really shines in those moments. Plus, who doesn't love a character with a touch of vanity? It's just part of her charm!


Cana's leaning on the table as she talks to Gajeel and Juvia
Cana Talking to Gajeel and Juvia

Cana Alberona, Fairy Tail's resident party girl with a legendary tolerance for booze, is way more than just a good time. Sure, she's often seen chugging from a barrel, but don't let that fool you – she's a total badass S-Class mage who's all about getting things done for the guild.

Cana's got this wild exterior, but underneath it all, she's carrying some heavy stuff. Being Gildarts Clive's daughter is no joke. Imagine the pressure of having Fairy Tail's strongest mage as your dad!

Cana's way more than just a drunk girl with daddy issues. The Tenrou Island arc digs deep into her story. We learn why she's so obsessed with proving herself, and it all starts to click.

Her story is real and relatable, and that's part of what makes her one of the most interesting characters in Fairy Tail.


Juvia in what appears to be a dungeon talking to Gray
Juvia looking at Gray

Juvia Lockser is like wine. The longer the series goes on, the hotter she gets!

Seriously, her character design is peak perfection, and her whole "love-sick over Gray" thing is so over-the-top that it's hilarious. But it's not like she's the only character with a crush, so it never feels like she's being pigeonholed into a stereotype.

Now, Juvia's jealousy over who Gray Fullbuster likes is absolutely hilarious! She creates her own problems by constantly worrying about potential rivals for Gray's affections. The mental gymnastics she does could even rival an Olympic athlete!

But Juvia is not just about the laughs. She has a huge heart and has made a real difference in other characters' lives.

  • Gajeel joined Fairy Tail because of her.
  • Meredy found a new path, thanks to her.
  • She even saved Gray from the darkness, becoming his reason to live.

Plus, she's basically Greige's mom!

Juvia's got layers, people! She's funny, compassionate, and fiercely loyal. And let's be real, she deserves all the love in the world.


Mirajane posing in a bikini at an arena
Mirajane in battle

Mirajane Strauss, Fairy Tail's resident sweetheart, has a smile that could melt even the coldest hearts. But in reality, she's a nightmare dressed like a daydream!

I mean, we're talking about a woman who can transform into a demon with multiple forms, each more badass than the last. That's what you call having inner demons, right?

The coolest part is that those Takeovers aren't just about raw power. They reflect different aspects of her personality, like the fierce protectiveness for her friends or the deep sadness she carries from her past.

Mirajane has been through some serious trauma, losing her siblings and grappling with the dark side of her magic. But instead of letting it consume her, she's learned to embrace her strength and use it for good.

What an angel! (no pun intended)


Lucy crawling away from Flare, who is behind her
Lucy looks back at Flare, who is behind her

Lucy Heartfilia might not be the guild's strongest fighter, but she's got the biggest heart. This girl wears her emotions on her sleeve, rallying the team with speeches that'd put a pep talk pro to shame. She's essentially their emotional support!

Sure, Lucy's magic might not be as flashy as dragon slaying, but she's got brains and strategy for days. She's like the Fairy Tail version of Bulma from Dragon Ball, always coming up with a clever plan to save the day. And in the end, she proves her worth by leading the charge against Acnologia. Not bad for a celestial mage, huh?

So yeah, Lucy might not always be on the front lines, but she's the glue that holds Fairy Tail together. She's the heart, the brains, and the spirit of the guild. And that, my friends, is why she's a total badass in my book.

1. Erza

Jellal gropes Erza's boobs by accident
FJellal and Erza at a Water Park

And at the top of the list (unsurprisingly), we gave none other than our Titania, Erza Scarlet!

Erza's the brains behind Team Natsu, the one who comes up with the plans and keeps everyone in line. But there's more to her than just being a total powerhouse.

Erza's got a tough exterior, but she's not just a one-dimensional scary woman. She has moments when she lets loose and has fun, especially when with Natsu, Lucy, and Gray.

It's probably because of Natsu Dragneel's energy rubbing off of her, but it really does feel nice to see her let loose!

And her relationship with Jellal? It's not about finding a man to complete her. It's about two people who've been through hell together, learning to heal and move on. It's deep, you all.

So yeah, Erza's a complex character. She's strong, strategic, and sometimes a bit of a goofball, but that's what makes her so amazing. She's not perfect, but she's always striving to be better. And that's why we love her!

Want to talk about your favorite Fairy Tail guild members? Let us know in the Otaku Community!

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