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Who in Code Geass is the Best Anime Girl for Lelouch?

Code Geass's Lelouch and his love interests Shirley Fenette, Kallen Kozuki, and C.C
Left to right: Shirley Fenette, Kallen Kozuki, C.C, Lelouch | Image from Danbooru

Who would you pick as your waifu if you were Lelouch from Code Geass?

Would it be the girl next door, Shirley Fenette, the feisty revolutionary Kallen Kozuki, or the Pizza-loving C.C?

Anime fans have long debated who's the best female anime character in Code Geass. So, let's settle this debate once and for all.

Shirley Fenette

Shirley wearing her uniform while playing the piano - Code Geass: Lost Stories - Pilot CGs
Shirley playing the keyboard | Image from Danbooru

She’s pretty, hot, and, most of all, looks good in her high school swim team uniform. I mean, the way her boobs just sit there prettily can have anyone salivating!

But is her smoking hot body enough to be worthy of Lelouch’s love?

It has been hinted throughout the series that Shirley had feelings for Lelouch. While Lelouch has a very soft spot for her compared to his other two love interests, we can’t say for sure if he was ever romantically interested in her.

Despite that, Shirley has been quite loyal to him. She finds out he's Zero and still loves him. He killed her father? Still loves him. Erases her memories and feelings for him? Against all odds, she is STILL in love with him.

Shirley wearing a swimsuit while serving - Code Geass: Lost Stories - Pilot CGs
Shirley serving at a cafe | Image from Danbooru

With a girl as loyal (and sexy!) as Shirley, it's no wonder why Lelouch had a soft spot for her. That man has been through absolute hell. Shirley is the type of person to remind him that there's still good in this world.

Their relationship may be a bit too shoujo for many people’s liking, but to Lelouch, it’s comforting. With Shirley, he can temporarily imagine a world without wars. He can simply enjoy her company in peace.

It was sad to see her die in the anime series. It was even more heartbreaking for Lelouch, especially when he also lost Euphemia.

But her death, alas, was necessary. After all, she was the last remnant of Lelouch's normal life. Her death also symbolized his death as Lelouch Lamperouge.

There's no way he didn't have feelings for her in the middle of all this. Not after all the lengths he went through to protect her. Shirley will forever have a special place in his heart!


Kallen dancing inside a restaurant - Code Geass: Lost Stories - Pilot CGs
Kallen dancing inside a restaurant | Image from Danbooru

On the surface, Kallen can't stand Lelouch Lamperouge – the arrogant, seemingly clueless classmate. She even gives him a good slap for it!

But then there's Zero, the masked leader of the Black Knights fighting for justice. Kallen admires him deeply, and his leadership and beliefs mirror her own. Her pilot skills and burning desire for freedom make her his right-hand woman, alongside C.C.

When Kallen finds out, she feels used and betrayed. But slowly, she starts to see the good in him. They begin to bond over their common insterests: bringing down the British Empire. No, wait - the Britannian empire.

Throughout the series, we get awkward moments between Lelouch and Kallen—awkward as in, “I fell into your arms by accident, now I’m straddling you.”

Are we complaining? No, we're not.

Kallen wearing a rocker outfit while playing guitar - Code Geass: Lost Stories - Pilot CGs
Kallen playing the bass | Image from Danbooru

But bless this British man's soul because how in the hell was he able to resist her? The girl was so down bad for him!

At the very least, these two kissed. Not to mention, the NT booklet stated that Lelouch kissed her back! What's more, he even had slight feelings for her!

But alas, Lelouch had bigger fish to fry, and all Kallen could do was support him. Even when he “betrayed” them, she still loved him.

Seeing her react to his real plans of using "Zero" (at that time, Suzuku Kururugi wore the mask) to kill Emperor Lelouch and end the reign of Britannia was heartbreaking.

But you know what hurts even more? She goes back to school. And it's not even funny.

Lelouch told Kallen that after the revolution, she should return to school. And she did as if it was her way of honoring him.

Love or hate her; she is the most devoted girl on this list. Possibly even one of the most loyal characters of all time!


C.C wearing a revealing attire in a festival - Code Geass: Lost Stories - Pilot CGs
C.C in a festival | Image from Donbooru

Lelouch and CC are undoubtedly the best duo in this entire series.

Let's be real—everything started with C.C.

Lelouch got the Geass from her, and that gave birth to the revolutionary hero, Zero.

The real question here is, how could he resist all this? I mean, look at her!

To say that she has changed his life is an understatement. Without her, Lelouch would've lived his life as a Lamperouge, not as Zero or as Vi Britannia.

If you think about it, she was the fire that fanned the revolution. And that reason alone is enough to honor her as the best girl in the series!

Plus, C.C.'s been around forever, jaded by watching countless lives end. Lelouch, with his burning ambition, must be fascinating. He challenges her and keeps things interesting, especially with his whole "sacrifice everything" thing.

Here's the real kicker: C.C. gets Lelouch.

She sees the darkness and the determination within him and maybe even admires it. She pushes him, but there's also a sense of… maybe care? Like, deep down, she cares in a way that she doesn't want to see him consumed by his plans.

C.C wearing a bikini while standing in a pool - Code Geass: Lost Stories - Pilot CGs
C.C in a pool | Image from Danbooru

Now, if you haven’t seen the movie “Code Geass: Lelouch the Re;surrection,” you probably didn’t know that Lelouch “proposed to C.C. And yes, you read that right!

Lelouch chased after C.C and told her they could live together, and he’d changed his name to L.L. According to the director himself, it was Lelouch’s way of proposing!

Then again, the directors also stated that the movie was in an Alternate Universe based on the previous movies. The original series remains the original ending. But if there’s another universe where Lelouch gets to marry C.C, who would want to pass on that?

Who’s Your Pick?

For every one of Lelouch's identities, there is a girl who loves him. Zero loved Kallen, Lelouch Lamperouge loved Shirley, and Lelouch vi Britannia loved C.C.

Though Lelouch officially dies in the canon series, an alternate universe exists! Not to mention, the ending is still open for interpretation.

Who do you think Lelouch should end up with? Share your thoughts here at the Otaku Community! You and your fellow weeb friends are more than welcome to join.

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