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Hottest Anime Ahegao Faces (Featuring Rias Gremory)

What is ahegao? Well, the safe answer is that it’s when your favorite waifu is at her hottest!

Rias Gremory lying in bed in her school uniform
High School DxD BorN Episode 12|| Credits:

The waifus in High School DxD constantly get into very lewd situations. I don’t think any loyal otaku will disagree with me on that. However, they don’t always show it!

Rias usually plays it off like nothing is happening.

So, I went through all four seasons of High School DxD (including the specials) to find those precious moments when Rias did react and made an ahegao face—or at least close to it.

If you want to see what the devil princess looks like when she loses her composure, this is the place to be!

A gamer’s fantasy

Rias Gremory in a pink dress, tied up, making an aroused face
High School DxD Hero Episode 8|| Credits:

While ecchi shows are no strangers to cosplay, I didn’t see this coming!

After all, who knew Rias could rock a Princess Peach-type outfit so well? She’s also tied up and dangling in the air, making her a true damsel in distress.

And judging by her face, she doesn’t seem to mind it one bit. It almost looks like she’s enjoying herself!

Rias loses control

Rias Gremory is moaning with her eyes closed
Highschool DxD Episode 7|| Credits:

This scene should grab your attention if you want to see Rias making an ahegao face!

It’s pretty sexy even by High School DxD standards, with Rias openly moaning with pleasure (and a tad of embarrassment). Plus, seeing how Rias is usually calm and collected, this feels like a new side to her character.

Do you like this more vulnerable, more vocal side of Rias?

Is that really sunscreen?

Rias Gremory has sunscreen on her back and is looking over her shoulder
High School DxD New Episode 7|| Credits:

What otaku doesn’t like an anime beach episode? That’s when all your favorite waifus can put on their smallest swimsuits and offer the best fanservice!

And Highschool DxD carried on the tradition, with most girls showing off their best assets during the episode.

But Rias, as usual, gave the fanbase the most memorable scene! With her bra unhooked, she looks back at you while sunscreen drips down her back. At least, I think that’s sunscreen...

Barely holding it together

Rias Gremory makes a sexy face with her eyes closed
High School DxD BorN Episode 1|| Credits:

It did not take long for High School DxD BorN to give otakus what they wanted, with this scene happening in the first episode.

And Rias is barely holding it together! With her mouth wide open and eyes closed, you don’t need context to know this is NSFW. It’s pretty close to a proper ahegao face.

However, this isn’t the last time Rias will let her emotions go wild like this. High School DxD Hero arguably had even better scenes.

Gentle and yet hot!

Rias Gremory is looking down while aroused
High School DxD Hero Episode 2|| Credits:

As I said, DxD Hero had some fantastic shots of Rias!

And this one feels rather unique. We’ve seen Rias smiling, crying, moaning, and everything in between. But I don’t think she has ever looked as vulnerable as she does in this scene.

That noted, you shouldn’t assume this is a tragic or wholesome scene. Rias is getting quite hot and heavy, calling upon Issei to touch her boobs as much as he wants.

The twist is that she does so in front of a crowd and even her cousin!

A cute but seductive pout

Rias Gremory is embarrassed and blushing
High School DxD Hero Episode 9|| Credits:

This scene differs slightly from the rest. With Rias looking down in embarrassment, you can see a faint blush around her cheeks as she squirms in place.

You could even say this isn’t an ahegao face at all, as there doesn’t appear to be anything NSFW going on. But I couldn’t just ignore a look this cute!

Plus, for some otakus, seeing Rias like this is exactly what they need.

Assuming the position

Rias Gremory is in a very sexy pose making a lewd face
[Miscon VI] Rias Gremory (King) || Credits: MG-Renders

If the previous picture was a bit too PG for your liking, this is my way of making it up to you!

After all, even for Rias, this pose is very daring. And if the pose wasn’t sexy enough, look at her face.

Like in the previous picture, she is slightly blushing. But this time, the fanservice is turned up to eleven. And you can see that she’s ready to do some NSFW stuff!

It’s all about the eyes

Rias Gremory is in bed, looking sensually at the camera
Highschool DxD Episode 2|| Credits:

This scene was in episode two, and it let the audience know immediately that Issei was a very lucky man! After all, what otaku wouldn’t like Rias to look at them like this?

With a mix of love and passion, Rias says it all in one glance.

Plus, if you could look down, you’d see that she’s completely naked at this point. Do you now see why I said Issei was a very lucky man?

Hold it right there!

If you were hoping to see Rias make a genuine ahegao face, don’t give up just yet! I’m still searching far and wide. So, if it exists, I will find it!

But in the meantime, you should join the Otaku Community. There, you can chat with fellow Rias fans and maybe even find a genuine ahegao face from Rias. So, head on over and see whether the otaku community has found the golden grail of ahegao.

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