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How to Be the Perfect Homestay Host for the Monster Musume Girls!

What would you do if a monster girl started living with you?

Monster Musume, Anime: Centorea, Miia and Papi watching Kimihito from behind the door
(Daily Life with a Monster Girl, Season 1, Episode 3 || Credits: Daily Life with a Monster Girl Wiki)

Could you imagine being assigned to host your favorite anime waifu? What about your favorite monster waifu?

With these clingy ladies around, the monster world does not sound scary at all! On the contrary, these unique anime girls want to learn more about us, our world, and love!

Monster Musume, Anime: Kimihito bridal carrying Meroune in his arms
(Daily Life with a Monster Girl, Season 1, Episode 5 || Credits: Daily Life with a Monster Girl Wiki)

But are you prepared for this cultural exchange? Besides their humanoid beauty, monster girls have unique features, cultures and manners related to their species, and they demand proper attention.

Let’s see what it takes to please these three Monster Musume girls every day!


Monster Musume, Online Game: Suu leaning forward and smiling. Raincoat Version
(Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online || Credits: Daily Life with a Monster Girl Wiki)

To begin by talking about slimes, let’s meet Suu!

If you have a nice source of water, a thirsty little blob may sneak into your house to stay hydrated. If it thinks you’re a good host, the slimy creature will change its shape to one of a humanoid girl in order to make it easier to communicate.

Suu seems naive and absent-minded, but she’s more intelligent than one might think! She learns really fast and is not afraid of using her knowledge. She can also read minds and repeat those thoughts out loud, which could ruin your family dinner. As hard as it may be, try to keep your mind free from impure thoughts.

Mind the quality and properties of the liquid she has access to! The liquids she absorbs affect her body directly! Which version of our favorite slime girl would you rather spend your days with? Giant Suu? Smart Suu? Milf Suu?

Lastly, she can’t help but leave a slime trail where she passes, so cleaning is an important process to avoid slippery accidents.

Rachnera Arachnera

Monster Musume, Online Game: Rachnera lain down with embarrassed smile. Kimono Version
(Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online || Credits: Daily Life with a Monster Girl Wiki)

Rachnera already started the exchange program with all her four left feet and was sold by her former host family, so make sure you understand what it is like to live with a giant gorgeous spider girl before accepting this sixth-eyed waifu, and do not hurt her feelings!

Similarly to the hard exoskeleton covering her arms and lower body, her intimidating attitude is a shield that protects her broken heart. If you don’t want to be tied up and threatened, be honest with her even if it’s a bitter truth as she doesn’t tolerate lies. You might still be tied up every now and then, actually, but not for the same reason.

The environment should be neither too hot nor too cold! Rachnera is very sensitive to extreme temperatures. Speaking of being sensitive, refrain from offering her coffee since it easily intoxicates her.

Wouldn’t it be cool to get this Arachne waifu to knit you a sweater made of her own silk?


Monster Musume, Online Game: Close up of Zombina Smiling. Original Version
(Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online || Credits: Daily Life with a Monster Girl Wiki)

The undead aren’t that scary if you take good care of them. They are dangerous, but isn’t Zombina a cutie in her own way?

She might not be an exchange student, but she is one of the Monster Musume characters that fans love the most, and perfect company for horror movie nights! She is impulsive, impatient, and adventurous, so it takes a lot of energy to accompany her and satisfy her cravings.

Knowing how to sew could be very useful while she is around. Since she doesn’t feel pain and her dead body is unable to heal its wounds, some mending here and there might be necessary in case she gets injured or loses a digit.

It’s important to avoid contact with the formaldehyde or her teeth, though. The substance runs in her body to preserve it, but it’s dangerous for humans and a single bite is enough to infect a person with the zombie virus. A healthy immune system should be able to fight off the virus but why risk it? To spend eternity with your favorite rotten girl, of course!

Images from Daily Life With a Monster Girl Fandom Wiki

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