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More about Kurumi Tokisaki: The Best Girl in "Date A Live"

Would you run FROM her or TO her?

It’s time for more waifu highlights! Yay!

Today I'm presenting one of the evilest gothic lolita characters I know… Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live!

In this anime, the main character, Shido Itsuka, is a high school student who has the power to seal beings from another dimension called Spirits… with a KISS!

Spirits are destructive life forms that (because of how dangerous they are) must be either defeated or sealed by Shido’s kiss.

We have today’s best anime girl and worst Spirit, Kurumi Tokisaki!

Who is Kurumi Tokisaki?

Date A Live, Anime: Kurumi Blushing

Kurumi Tokisaki is the third Spirit to appear in Date A Live. And the number three is also present in her name and design.

Shido himself describes her as "a girl with astonishing beauty." And he is right! She is gorgeous, composed and she has a soft, charming voice.

She is an 18-year-old girl who changes her appearance depending on her current persona. As a human, her straight long black hair hides her left eye, which is like a golden clock whose hands usually are in a three o’clock position. In her spirit form, she wears asymmetrical twin pigtails representing the hands of a clock, and revealing her eye.

Kurumi is considered the most dangerous Spirit ever known and has had over 10,000 victims with her own hands.

She manages to transfer to Shido’s school to be closer to him and eventually, consume him and absorb his powers.

What can I say? We already know that transfer students in anime are big trouble! 😂

Who was Kurumi Tokisaki?

Date a Live,Anime: Kurumi smiling

But Kurumi was once a human too! She comes from a wealthy, and loving family! Like most Spirits, she was a human who was given a Sephira Crystal.

One day while returning home, she was attacked by a monster and saved by a girl wearing a dress made of light. The girl introduced herself as Mio Takamiya.

Mio offered Kurumi the power to fight these monsters, and Kurumi accepted, in hopes of protecting her family and friends.

Kurumi bonded the Sephira Crystal and started killing monsters with Mio until she realized they were spirits and used to be humans, just like she was.

She’s sweet but a…

Date A Live, Anime: Kurumi in Spirit form

There's a lot more about her; you’ll have to watch the anime or read the light novels if you want to know what happened to her! But we agree she wouldn’t be in her right mind after such a traumatic revelation, don’t we?

So be careful around this hime! Her polite, delicate smile and calm speech are just hiding her true cruel nature!

Now, one thing that is interesting about her is that she doesn’t simply go around killing everyone in her way. She aims for evil people, like animal abusers.

It doesn’t make her a good spirit, but there’s some sense of justice in that. Kurumi doesn’t seem to deal with her kindness very well, and responds aggressively when someone addresses the good in her.

Is One Kurumi Not Enough? No Problem at All!

Date A Live, Anime: Shido Surrounded by Kurumi and her clones

Among other abilities, Kurumi can clone herself! Her clones are almost as strong as she is, and can do almost everything she does.

Since each clone has her personality, they are almost like Kurumi's friends, and will generally help her with whatever she needs.

On the other hand, Kurumi is willing to kill the clones who don’t follow her orders. It must be disturbing to kill someone who looks exactly like you, but neither Kurumi nor the clones seem to care.

In the end…

I can’t deny: Kurumi is so cute!!! I know she can be cruel at times, but I understand why she is so loved and considered the best girl in the anime!

It’s nice to imagine her (and her clones) charming and lovely, but what do you think? Would you be able to seal this spirit with your kiss, or would you be eaten first?😳

Images from Date A Live Fandom Wiki!

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