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Is it wrong to make her my waifu? Why is Hestia so adorable?

Danmachi, Anime: Hestia with swollen cheeks
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Season 1, Episode 2 || Credits: IMDb

Have you ever seen Hestia this way?

You guys voted, and now she’s part of your family!

I couldn’t be more excited, but let’s take it one step at a time! Maybe not everyone knows this character or the anime where she's from, so it’s my pleasure to explain that to you!

DanMachi, or “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” is a fantasy anime where adventurers join groups supervised by deities called Familia to fight monsters and take their shards, which are used to craft magic items.

The main character, Bell Cranel, is a novice adventurer who gets involved with several beautiful ladies, and among them, a little goddess chosen to be the upgraded figure in December’s box…

Hestia, The Goddess Waifu!

Hestia was based on the Greek goddess of Hearth, and her second name, Vesta, refers to the Roman equivalent of the same goddess.

In Heaven, Hestia was one of the guardians of the Sacred Flame and known as one of the Three Virgin Goddesses.

After descending to the Lower World, Hestia tried to create her own familia, but couldn’t find a single member until she found Bell, and he accepted her offer to become the first one.

She is cute, but not child-like, loli!

Danmachi, Anime: Hestia whispering
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Season 1, Episode 7 || Credits: IMDb

Hestia is very short, only 140cm (4'7")! But her oppais don’t match her loli size at all! She’s well aware of that and uses that to mock Loki when she needs to!

She has blue eyes and long black hair tied into twin-tails with blue and white scrunchies and bell-shaped ornaments, which she received from Bell as a gift.

Hestia usually wears a white and blue mini-dress and a pair of white gloves. Sometimes she is seen with white flip-flops, but is often barefoot! Looks comfy!

Why I love her:

Hestia is incredibly determined and hard-working! She never gave up on starting her own Familia and eventually succeeded! She’s such an inspiration to me!

I also admire her kindness and sense of justice! This waifu truly cares about the members of her familia and can recognize someone’s impressive qualities, even when she doesn’t have a good relationship with them.

Despite being a goddess extraordinary powers and a high position among other gods, Hestia is simple and humble.

Besides, she is among the few who can resist Freya’s charm and undo its effects! This only shows how strong she is!

She’s a Goddess, But Not Perfect

Danmachi, Anime: Hestia smug
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Season 1, Episode 7 || Credits: IMDb

This is another reason that makes her special! Hestia also has her flaws, especially regarding her jealousy towards Bell.

Her behavior changes a lot when she notices another woman taking interest in him, and she can be irrational and annoying sometimes. Imagine being jealous in a harem anime. 😂

Aren’t you happy that Hestia joined your figure collection?

Hestia is such a lovely waifu who deserved a figure in my collection! And that is only possible thanks to your voting!

And as you know, every month, a new character is chosen, and a new waifu will be at your door! So if you don’t know them well, stay tuned to learn more about these beautiful anime girls soon!

Images from IMDb

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