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Meet The Queen Akeno Himejima: The Waifu You'll Be Honored To Serve!

Long Live the Queen of Gremory Group!

Akeno Himejima, one of the best girls from High School DxD
High School DxD, Season 1, Episode 10 || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

My waifu list grows longer daily, but some girls are so perfect that they are unbeatable! And Akeno Himejima from High School DxD is one of them.

She is a pretty, elegant, and vigorous young lady who has gathered a legion of otakus since her debut. Even now, she is remembered by many fans as one of the best girls from High School DxD.

Today, I will tell you more about my sweet queen, Akeno, and I bet you’ll fall head-over-heels for her, too. The title of queen suits her perfectly!

Akeno Himejima, The Ideal Waifu

Eye catch of Episode 2 featuring Akeno in her uniform
High School DxD, Season 1, Episode 2 || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

Along with Rias Gremory, Akeno Himejima is among the best female protagonists of High School DxD. She has a slim body with generous oppais, long black hair, violet eyes, and a voluptuous figure. She is the type of waifu who’s composed, moves gracefully, and often shows a gentle smile; the ara-ara kind.

Akeno often acts as an older sister for the group and enjoys having tea parties, shopping, and making pastries. However, her enemies face a merciless and sadistic version of her during battles. She’s the best of both worlds!

Priestess of Thunder and Light

Art of Akeno Himejima in a collab with the mobile game, Senran Kagura: New Link
Shinobi Master Senran Kagura: New Link x High School DxD Collab || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

Although Akeno Himejima is naturally a seductive young woman, she is not very good with men. In fact, she wasn’t interested in dating at first because of her traumatic past.

She is the only child born from the forbidden love between the Fallen Angel Baraqiel and the shrine priestess Shuri Himejima — whose clan is known to be blessed by God. However, the Himejima clan did not agree with the union, and my sweet waifu had to witness her mother being killed by clan members.

They took advantage of Baraqiel’s absence to commit the act. And even though he arrived in time to save his daughter, Baraqiel couldn’t prevent the murder. As a result, Akeno grew a deep hatred for fallen angels, including herself.

After the incident, she lived with some relatives but was kicked out. So, she had no other choice but to wander across Japan, using her abilities to purify evil spirits to survive.

The poor girl was still very young when left to her fate. Only ten years old!

My Demon Queen!

Rias Gremory and Akeno Himejima from High School DxD
High School DxD New, Poster || Credits: Credits: High School DxD Wiki

After long months of hardships, Akeno met Rias, who saved her from another extermination attempt by the Himejima clan. She sheltered her at the Gremory Palace, where Akeno learned to be the distinguished lady DxD fans love so much.

The bond between these two top-tier waifus grew stronger, and when Rias received her evil pieces in Junior High, she made Akeno her first servant: The Queen!

Akeno is a high-class Devil capable of using different types of magic besides purifying evil spirits. She can manipulate natural elements, teleport herself and friends, summon familiars, etc.

But her impressive skills are not only due to being made a demon by the evil piece! Her Fallen Angel ancestry (also responsible for her generous oppais 😳) grants her powerful Lightning manipulation skills.

Love Her Already?

After everything I mentioned about Akeno Himejima, it’s easy to understand why she is one of the most popular High School DxD Characters.

Do you have what it takes to heal Akeno’s heart and make her fall for you?

There are many other worshippers of this gorgeous female anime character sharing the most charming images of her in my Otaku Community. So be sure to check it out.

Do you feel Akeno isn’t the right waifu for you? If so, check the posts below to learn about other adorable anime girls. I’m sure you’ll find your perfect match!

Images from High School DxD Wiki

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