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Mission accepted! Check out the news about SPY x FAMILY!

Waku! Waku!

Yor, Anya and Loid Making a Toast
Spy x Family Season 1, Episode 4 ||Credits: Spy x Family IMDb

Attention! Attention!

This is agent Liz bringing excellent news!

If you have been a subscriber to The Otaku Box for at least a couple of months, you must have received some SPY x FAMILY items throughout the last year.

That's because, like me, many anime fans are crazy about it. No wonder SPY x FAMILY was considered one of the best anime of 2022!

The forgers ready for the school interview
Spy x Family Season 1, Episode 4 ||Credits: Spy x Family IMDb

And now I’m very excited because an announcement from last December just blew my mind: SPY x FAMILY is getting a second season in 2023!

Besides all the great shows we are looking forward to watching this year, otakus will have more fun with the Forgers soon!

What is Spy x Family About?

Loid Carrying Anya
SPY x FAMILY Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: SPY x FAMILY IMDb

SPY x FAMILY is a manga created by Tatsuya Endo. It started being published digitally in 2019 and is currently active, with over 70 chapters.

The anime adaptation was split into two parts, premiering in 2022.

The story is about a talented spy known as Twilight, who was sent on a top-secret and critical mission to ensure the countries Westalis and Ostania won’t go to war.

Agent Twilight must watch the movements of the chairman of Ostania's National Unity Party closely, and, to do that; he needs to start a family and approach the chairman through his son.

Under the identity of Loid Forger, he adopts Anya, who was an experiment subject and is a telepath!

Since other foster families have abandoned her, she hides her powers, does her best to impress her new father, and hopes he won't leave her.

Lastly, Loid Forger meets Yor Briar, a kind and a little socially awkward woman, who seeks a partner, not for romantic or social reasons, but not to worry her overprotective young brother.

The thing is, Yor is the Thorn Princess, an assassin from the secret group Garden.

The three met each other by chance, and saw opportunities to achieve their goals, but they must keep their secrets from the world and from each other to succeed.

The next Season!

Loid talking to Yor
SPY x FAMILY Season 1, Episode 3 ||Credits: SPY x FAMILY IMDb

The first season of SPY x FAMILY has a 25 episodes split into two cours. The first half was released in April, 2022, and the second premiered in October. The episodes cover the original story up to Volume 7.

Considering there are ten volumes and new chapters are still being released, there is still plenty of action and wholesomeness for us to see in 2023!

The exact date of release of SPY x FAMILY season 2 is still unknown, but it’s set to be this year!

And there’ll be a movie too!

Anya acting tough
Spy x Family Season 1, Episode 12 ||Credits: Spy x Family IMDb

If you aren’t surprised that such an awesome l anime is getting a new season soon, here is one more thing:

It was also announced that SPY x FAMILY is getting a spin-off film to be released in 2023.

Again, there isn’t much information about it yet, but since the author, Tatsuya Endo, is involved in making the film, I’m confident he’s preparing something amazing for the fans!

Your Mission: Join the fun!

I can’t deny how much I love SPY x FAMILY! It is a shame it’s too early to release any trailers, because I’d love to share them with you!

I can only be grateful to the animators and all the staff involved in this brilliant work and wish them luck with the two new projects!

While we wait for the return of the Forger family, I’d like to know what you like best about the show. So I invite you to join my forum, the Otaku Family!

The forum is open to everybody who loves anime, and I’ll be the happiest person in the world if you share your thoughts with me!

Images from IMDb

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