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My Favorite Anime Goods From 2022 and Why They're so Amazing!

New year, new anime loot for everyone!

I always remember how hard it was to find good anime merchandise to buy before moving to Japan, and the best stores were often far from me and hard to find.

That's why I’m always looking for the best anime items to send to my subscribers in every Otaku Box.

And although I personally make sure each box is filled only with amazing items, there are always some that catch my heart the instant I see them ready.

Come with me, and I’ll show you my 2022 favorites. If you didn’t have the opportunity to get any of them, be prepared to be amazed!

Chibi Liz Phone Holder

Chibi Liz Mobile Phone Holder || The Otaku Box - July 2022

Do I really need to say why this phone holder is one of my favorites?

I just look SO CUTE as a chibi! Haha! 😍

This phone holder is so useful! It helps keep our mobiles in plain sight and keeps our desks organized and pretty at the same time!

You can have me sharing, watching you play, work or study! Whatever you’re doing, I’m sending good vibes through this mini-me!

Otaku Chopsticks

Otaku Chopsticks || The Otaku Box - November 2022

I feel every otaku must have a pair of chopsticks, so why not send one along with other anime merch? Why not two?!

Both pairs are made of stainless steel and have charming designs on the top, and both read “OTAKU”. Lovely, amiright?

My otaku friends who struggle with using chopsticks when they go to Japanese restaurants can now practice as much as they want at home and show off their abilities at the next dinner!

Ibara Hime (Thorn Princess) T-shirt

Ibara Hime T-shirt || The Otaku Box - August 2022

It was hard to choose just one T-shirt to call my favorite.

One could easily say, “Liz, but they are all yours; of course, you like them,” and that’s true. But the art of this T-shirt turned out amazing!

Yor (SPY x FAMILY) is such a strong waifu, and I feel this art captured her deadly beauty perfectly!

This is one of the T-shirts I wear whenever I can. and I love it!

Fairy Queen Titania Acrylic Stand

Asuna Acrylic Stand || The Otaku Box - October 2022

I have a thing for anime acrylic stands, but this one is special!

Asuna (Sword Art Online) is a waifu I adore, and having her Fairy Queen avatar floating on the moon was brilliant.

This acrylic stand is definitely one of a kind and stands(ha ha!) out on my shelf. I’m very proud of how it turned out.

Kitsune Mask Lamp

Kitsune Mask LED Lamp || The Otaku Box - March 2022

How could I not include this Kitsune Mask (Demon Slayer) lamp on the list?

It is so pretty when it’s on! It has different color options and modes to suit different occasions and tastes. It’s simply beautiful!

I learned a fun tip from my Otaku Community friends: have you tried replacing the Kitsune mask with other Acrylic stands? Give it a try; It’ll be awesome!

2023 The Otaku Box Calendar

2023 Calendar || The Otaku Box - November 2022

One of the reasons why the Otaku Box’s 2023 Calendar is one of my favorite items is that it shows all the gorgeous waifus featured in the wall scrolls throughout 2022, which is incredible!

I would die if I had to choose just one waifu or wall scroll, and with the calendar, I can admire one of them every month.

Also, everything about this anime item makes me happy. The design, the quality, the colors… And There was room for me too! So much joy!😁

Hestia Scale Figure

Hestia (Danmachi) 1:9 Anime Figure || The Otaku Box - December 2022

I already explained why Hestia is one of my favorite waifus in another post. I love her determination, her care for her Familia, and of course, her cute looks!

And about this anime figure: Look at these big blue eyes! These oppais! Everything about her is so big! Do you know why?

It’s my first 1:9 scale figure! Much bigger than the previous ones!

I’m ready for more!

Yay! What an impressive list, isn’t it?

This post shows my gratitude towards this amazing world of anime and all the lovely otakus who accompanied me through the last year.

I strongly hope I can surprise my subscribers and bring smiles to their faces when they open their boxes and see the fantastic loot I curated for them.

But I’m not the only one responsible for this. You all who voted on your favorite items and waifus and gave your feedback are part of it, and you know that!

You all can be confident that this year will be even better! I’ll do my best to bring you all the best anime loot monthly!


Images from The Otaku Box

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