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SAND LAND: Learn More About This Anime Movie And Don't Miss Its Release Date!

Another exciting anime title is returning this year, and I can't wait!

Sherif Rao, Beelzebub, and Thief being chased by a desert monster
SAND LAND, Movie || Credits: Sand Land IMDb

Lately, many anime are making their comebacks, so I get to meet characters that were part of my childhood again!

One project that’s coming back with a brand new version is Akira Toriyama’s SAND LAND. This is a manga written in 2000 and adapted into an anime movie, which premieres next August.

If you don’t know the title or wish to know more about it and its release date, here’s a quick explanation to get you ready.

What is SAND LAND?

SAND LAND is a short manga series created by Akira Toriyama consisting of 14 chapters (13 + epilogue), released from June to September 2000. It was then compiled into one volume and released later in the same year.

SAND LAND became a hit in Japan, and as someone who grew up watching Dragon Ball Z, I’m curious to see what the animated version looks like!

The anime is set in a country devastated by natural disasters and war. The selfish king in this country makes access to water so expensive that people steal resources from one another.

Tired of such unfairness, Sheriff Rao asks the demons of SAND LAND to help him find a new water supply. The demon prince, Beelzebub, and his friend, Thief, join him on his journey.

Who Are The Main Characters of SAND LAND?


Beelzebub as seen in the animated adaptation of Akira Toriama's SAND LAND
SAND LAND, Movie, Trailer 1 || Credits: Sand Land IMDb

Beelzebub is the main character of the series. He is the demon son of Lucifer, which makes him the Prince of the Underworld. He possesses enhanced eyesight and supernatural strength.

But even so, he is affected by the water shortage and resorts to robbery — although he only steals from humans and just what his fellow demons need.

Sheriff Rao

Sheriff Rao as seen in the animated adaptation of Akira Toriama's SAND LAND
SAND LAND, Movie || Credits: Sand Land IMDb

Rao was once part of the king’s army, known as General Shiba. He disappeared after his men died in a mission ordered by the king to destroy a device. As an older man, Rao is tired of the king’s disregard for the people of SAND LAND, so he seeks Beelzebub for help.


Sheriff Rao as seen in the animated adaptation of Akira Toriama's SAND LAND
SAND LAND, Movie || Credits: Sand Land IMDb

Thief is a wise demon and, as his name suggests, a skilled robber Beelzebub recruited to follow him and Sheriff Rao in their search for water. He enjoys driving and often fights with Beelzebub over who drives their tank.

SAND LAND, The Movie

In December 2022, Bandai Namco announced the anime adaptation of this work. Throughout the following months, more information about the project was provided. In particular, SAND LAND will be a CGI anime film, and its release date is August 18, 2023

Some people still hesitate to watch CGI anime works over traditional 2D animation. But judging by the trailer above, there's nothing to worry about.

Bring it On

Yatta! Another brilliant project from Akira Toriyama received an animated adaptation, and fans of his work can enjoy it soon!

SAND LAND is a manga that received a modern version after over twenty years. What other old projects do you want to see a brand new adaptation for? I’d love to know what you think.

You can share your opinion with me and fellow otakus in my Otaku Community!

Finally, if you’re looking for new anime to watch while you wait for SAND LAND’s premiere, check the related posts below for many fun recommendations.

Images from IMDb

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