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Four Times I Agreed with The Villains in Anime!

How easy is it to find somebody that’s 100% good or bad?

Shougo Makishima, the antagonist of the first season of Psycho-Pass, holding his razor
Psycho-Pass, Season 1, Episode 21 || Credits: Psycho-Pass IMDb

Have you ever felt that no matter how evil a character is depicted, they have a valid point for their actions?

On many occasions, I’ve found myself thinking some anime villains weren’t so mean after learning their side of the story!

Many made questionable decisions, but it was impossible to disagree with their motivations. Others did the right thing but seemed misunderstood because of terrible social or communication skills.

Let’s look at some of these misunderstood anime characters, and you can tell me if you agree.

Lelouch Lamperouge - Code Geass

Lelouch Lamperouge, from Code Geass, grinning
Code Geass, Season 1, Episode 2 || Credits: Code Geass IMDb

Lelouch’s actions are rather controversial, starting with the fact that mind control and freedom are opposite concepts.

Yet, he put great effort into freeing Japan from the tyranny of his father's empire. He even went as far as letting himself be killed to ensure it.

Kagura - Inuyasha

The wind sorceress, Kagura, with a defiant look — from the anime Inuyasha
Inuyasha, Season 2, Episode 14 || Credits: Inuyasha IMDb

Kagura had no choice but to follow Naraku's orders because her heart was in his possession. If she tried anything against him, things would get ugly for her.

So she did what she could to help Sesshomaru with subtle hints. But the “blink twice if you need help” wasn’t a thing in feudal Japan. 😂

Garou - One Punch Man

Garou, one of the antagonists of One Punch Man, raising his fist
One Punch Man, Season 2, Episode 3 || Credits: One Punch Man IMDb

Garou is needlessly violent and aggressive. His plans of creating a better world through evil make no sense, but are the heroes so different from him?

I agree that heroes, the Hero Association, and society have flaws that should be addressed. Many characters who turned evil have the same opinion. But I believe there are better ways of attaining peace.

Shougo Makishima - Psycho-Pass

Shougo Makishima, the antagonist of the first season of Psycho-Pass, calmly checking his phone
Psycho-Pass, Season 1, Episode 14 || Credits: Psycho-Pass IMDb

Makishima is a nasty villain, and his actions are unacceptable. He was willing to take innocent lives to prove his point.

But still, he did have a point.

Having a computer decide people's worth and who is a criminal or not only based on their stress levels is insane and unfair. In this world, a remorseless murderer like Makishima himself isn't considered a threat to society, but a scared victim is one.

Have You Ever Felt the Same Way?

Sometimes, people make the wrong decisions despite having the best intentions. Others have what they think is a good reason for doing whatever they do.

My advice is to think twice before taking drastic measures, even if you’re hurt.

So, what are some villains whose actions you agree with or believe you would take a different route in their place? Who is your favorite villain from anime?

Share your opinion with me on my Otaku Community!

Images from IMDb

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