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Say Hello to the new year remembering the best animes of 2022!

SPY x FAMILY, anime: smug Anya
SPY x FAMILY, Season 1, Episode 6 || Credits SPY x FAMILY IMDb

Let’s go through the best animes of last year and prepare for more great shows!

It’s January again and I couldn’t be happier!

The anime industry has been spoiling us, otakus, lately with so many amazing shows I can’t help but be excited for 2023!

But while it’s too early to enjoy everything this new year has to offer, let’s take the opportunity to remember some of the best shows released last year!

Winter 2022

My Dress-Up Darling, anime: Marin Kitagawa
My Dress-Up Darling, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: My Dress-Up Darling IMDb

Last year started with My Dress-Up Darling and the radiant waifu: Marin Kitagawa! This unpretentious anime became so popular back then that a new season has already been announced!

Speaking of seasons, we also watched Part 2 of the Final season of Attack on Titan! And Since two final parts aren’t enough, there will be one more in 2023!

I confess I’ll miss the show when it eventually reaches the final episode. At least I have more time to get a huge load of tissues before it comes. 😂

Winter Season also brought us Kotaro, from Kotaro Lives Alone. The first one of a series of adorable anime children I wouldn’t mind babysitting.

Spring 2022

SPY x FAMILY, anime: Yor and Loid
SPY x FAMILY, Season 1, Episode 8 || Credits SPY x FAMILY IMDb

The animes from the season of the cherry blossoms didn’t disappoint either!

We were introduced to the only pretend family nobody would complain abut being part of: The Forgers, from SPYxFAMILY!

We met Loid, Yor, and 2022’s meme machine: Anya! This little girl is so cute that you may have noticed her appearance in The Otaku Box a couple of times throughout the year as different items!

Another remarkable anime that started airing in April was Summer Time Rendering with all the mystery Ushio’s death and her hometown.

And couldn’t forget to mention how happy I was to watch more Kaguya-sama, Komi can’t Communicate, and The Rising of the Shield Hero!

Summer 2022

Lycoris Recoil, anime: Chisato Nishikigi
Lycoris Recoil, Season 1, Episode 2 || Credits: Lycoris Recoil IMDb

Summer was when we were presented with the best anime of 2022, according to Japanese fans: Lycoris Recoil! I was both surprised and happy to see LycoReco at the top!

While Chisato and Takina exploded in popularity, things got hot with Nazuna Nanakuza from Call of The Night!

And before Summer was over, Cyberpunk:Edgerunners was released, telling the tragic story of David Martinez as a mercenary.

Fall 2022

Chainsaw Man, anime: Pochita and Denji
Chainsaw Man, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: Chainsaw Man IMDb

The last anime season of the year was very much anticipated by fans, and one of the reasons was, without a doubt, Chainsaw Man!

Another big await of the year was Bleach:Thousand Year Blood War, covering the last arc of the show that was a great hit around 2012.

A curious fact of this season is that other animes from years ago, like Urusei Yatsura and Digi Chara came back too!

The season of The World Cup is also the season of Blue Lock, a great soccer anime for the fans of sports! It was another show to make it to the top 10 favorite animes last year!

Into 2023…

Last year was fantastic for anime lovers, and I can only hope the new year brings even more exciting productions!

I already have a list of shows I can’t miss for the world; do you have one too? It would be awesome if you could share what animes you are looking forward to watching this year!

Who knows if it will inspire me to feature your favorite anime in one of this year’s monthly boxes? 🤩

Images from IMDb

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