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Sexy Waifu Galore: The Hottest Monster Musume Girls Ranked!

Monster Musume Waifus
Monster Musume Waifus

Monster Musume is jam-packed with cute monster girls, each a total catch in their own way. Some folks are into a specific species, others like a certain personality, and some just look for the overall "waifu material." Picking a favorite is a tough call, but hey, that's where the fun begins!

We're gonna jump into the wild world of Monster Musume and try to rank the most popular waifus. We've got Miia, the snake lady who knows how to turn up the heat; Centorea, the loyal centaur with a heart of gold; and Suu, the slime girl you just wanna hug. We'll check out what makes each one tick, how they get along with Kimihito, and just how much waifu potential they've got.

Get ready to root for your best girl 'cause we're about to crown the ultimate waifu of Monster Musume!

10. Centorea

Kii's boobs being groped by Suu
Kii's boobs exposed

Kii may be the last on this list, but many fans love her!

Sure, she might not be as flashy as some monster girls, but that's part of her charm. Kii's the kind of girl you could just hang out with, laugh with, and feel totally comfortable around.

Her design is ridiculously awesome. You can see her entire silhouette, and her boobs are absolutely to die for. Just imagine yourself lying down with her in the forest and lying down on her lap, her boobs resting on your face.

9. Doppel

A naked Doppel in a bath with soap suds all over her body
Doppel naked liek always

It's honestly a waste that Doppel is just a side character in this series. I mean, she's too good to be wasted like this!

She's got a good sense of humor, which, to be honest, is her biggest selling point. That, and the fact that she's naked all the time. Talk about body!

And are you really a Monster Musume waifu if Kimihito hasn't at least attempted to clothe you? Of course, much like everyone else, she was pretty embarrassed about this, which leads me to ask again: how is this hot and beautiful character not part of the harem?

8. Papi

Papi crawling on all fours while wearing a swimsuit
Papi wearing a swimsui

If you like girls who are small, cute, and as lovable as a dog, then you're definitely a Papi kind of guy.

This harpy-go-lucky gal (see what I did there?) is not hard to fall in love with. She's like a dog - you can't help but be fond of her!

Her mixing up words or not being familiar with human customs makes her even more adorable. And her body? It's a blessing in everyone's eyes.

Her tube top is desperately clinging to her tatas like a lifeline. And have you seen her short shorts? She is definitely the perfect size with the way her ass is sticking out beautifully.

7. Meroune

Mero wearing a maid outfit while holding a phone
Meroune is answering the phone

Smart, hot, funny, and has weird fetishes- that's how we can describe Mero.

Meroune honestly has one of the best tits in the series but is ridiculously overshadowed because, compared to the rest, she looks tiny. But hey, size doesn't make the best girl!

Mero not only has a pair of gorgeous racks but is also unintentionally funny. Either she fantasizes about being heartbroken by Kimihito or experiences NTR. There's no in-between!

It's nice to see that she sees Kimihito as someone she genuinely loves and not just a fantasy in her head. Go, Mero!

6. Tio

Tio in her bra at a department store hugging Kimihito
Tio hugging Kimihito

Anime girls who are built extra tough definitely deserve some extra tough love. I mean, who would hate this little (or not) ray of sunshine?

Men with real taste go for tall women like Tio. She's like Lady Dimitrescu minus the intimidating aura. She's too much of a sunshine (and clumsy) for that.

Tall, huge tits, and ridiculously thick. With a girl like that, who wouldn't want to experience death by snu-snu?

5. Lala

Lala's head separated from her body, and Kimihito tried to return it
Lala's head held by Kimihito

A girl who can give you, well... you know what, is a girl worth keeping. Amiright?

The way Lala keeps losing her head is honestly hilarious. And the way she's clumsy? It's endearing, which ups her waifu factor even more!

So, if you're looking for a best girl who's a little different, a little spooky, and a whole lot of awesome, then Lala might just be the one for you. Just be prepared to help her find her head every now and then!

4. Zombina

Zombina posing in lingerie with a zoomed-in image of her behind
Zombina posing in lingerie

Zombina is surprisingly upbeat for someone who's technically dead. She might be a zombie, but she's definitely not your average brain-dead beauty!

First, Zombina has a unique style. I mean, who else can pull off ripped clothes, exposed bones, and a permanent "just woke up from a nap in a coffin" look?

Anyone would be lucky to be with her!

Not to mention, you can bring a piece of her wherever you go. Like a piece of her body... you know, if you ever want to hold her hand or suffocate yourself in her boobs, Zombina has definitely got you covered!

3. Miia

A naked Suu holding Miia's boobs while Miia blushes
Suu is holding Miia's boobs

Sleeping well is nearly impossible for a man like Kimihito. Not when he's stressed with everyone in the house.

But with a waifu like Miia? You bet you'd wake up feeling like a newly ieskaid character!

Mia is great in more ways than one. And she's honestly the best pillow/cuddler you can have.

You can stuff your face in her boobs and have her snake body wrap you around. It's like a personal heater and a pillow in one!

2. Suu

download (1).gif

As a slime, Suu could literally change her form and body at will. We can have Loli Suu, Suuzilla, Poison Suu, Tax Broker Suu. But the best Suu of all definitely has to be Seawater Suu!

Suu can become your dream girl with how she morphs her body. Do you want thicker thighs? She got you. Do you want bigger boobs? Consider it done.

Not to mention, you can shove your entire face in her body, and it'll go right through her. That could be useful for fun times! *wink wink*

1. Rachnera Arachnera

Rachnera talking to Kimihito while her boobs are bouncing
Rachnera's titties bouncing

If you can singlehandedly change people's minds about spiders, then you deserve to be the top waifu of Monster Musume.

Unlike the others, Rachnera does not center her life around Kimihito. Her mature but seductive aura makes her distinct, and she's the most genuine.

On top of that, Rachnera is hot, has legs for days, and has one of the best figures in the series. It's no wonder why she's at the top of most people's list!

Who do you think deserves to be at the top of the list? You can tell us more about your best Monster Musume girl at the Otaku Community!

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