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Tamaki (Fire Force) and Other Waifus Who Showed Their Boobs by Accident!

If you blink, you might get hit by a flying button!

Tamaki Kotatsu and other waifus who suffered from wardrobe malfunction
Fire Force, Season 1, Episode || Credits:

Most people have at least one embarrassing story to tell involving their clothes. I have a few myself!

Wardrobe malfunction (the accidental exposure of a person's body part) is not exclusive to the real world. Many female characters went through that unfortunate kind of event, accidentally exposing their oppais!

If you’re ready to be surprised by rebellious anime boobs, take a look at these funny wardrobe malfunction moments. These waifus couldn’t keep their bust under control!

Sakie Sato has a slight slip (Interview with Monster Girls)

Sato-sensei's boobs stuck in her jacket
Interview with Monster Girls, Season 1, Episode 9 ||

Sakie is a succubus who works hard not to let her natural charm tempt humans daily. But one moment of distraction while zipping up her jacket was all it took for anime boob fans to enjoy her bouncing boobies!

Chiya Ujimatsu Just Wanted To Wear Matching Uniforms At Work (Is The Order A Rabbit??)

A button of Chiya Ujimatsu's maid outfit flying off
Is the Order A Rabbit?, Season 2, Episode 9 || Credits:

Not even cute girls can escape the humiliation and dangers of wardrobe malfunction! “Is The Order A Rabbit?” is one of those relaxing CGDCT (Cute Girls Doing Cute Things) shows. But that didn’t save Chiya Ujimatsu from shooting buttons at her friends when she tried to wear a maid uniform not designed for bigger chests.

Takao Gave in to Pressure, and So Did That Zipper! (D-Frag!)

D-Frag's Takao's zipper breaking due to wardrobe malfunction
D-Frag!, Season 1, Episode 6 || Credits:

Takao knew the tracksuit jacket didn’t fit her big boobs anymore, but she still tried to zip it up when mocked for her oppais size. The poor zipper hung in place for as long as it could, but the power of anime boobs was too overwhelming. That zipper became a projectile in no time, flying off the jacket!

Charlotte Elwyn 'Shirley' Yeager Shouldn’t Have Let Her Guard Down! (Strike Witches)

Shirley's boobs increasing in size
Strike Witches, Season 3, Episode 7 || Credits:

This is not a simple case of malfunction caused by poor quality or wrong size; A cursed artifact is increasing the witches’ boobs and making them desperate for a "fertility ritual"!

Shirley fell victim to the curse, although I know some people would consider that a blessing. What do you think?

Tamaki Kotatsu is incredibly unlucky! (Fire Force)

Tamaki Kotatsu's clothes falling off by accident
Fire Force, Season 1, Episode 19 || Credits:

This is not a simple matter of buttons becoming projectiles or an isolated incident! Tamaki Kotatsu has this condition: her clothes often fall off, burn, or get stuck. This adorable fire soldier waifu is either a magnet for embarrassing situations or needs better clothes.

Tomo Yamanobe’s Big Boobs Turn Mere Buttons Into Projectiles (Seikon No Qwaser)

The Qwaser of Stigmata, Season 1, Episode 6
The Qwaser of Stigmata, Season 1, Episode 6

Wouldn’t life be fantastic if you could enhance your abilities through anime boobs? Tomo Yamanobe and her generous breasts can increase the power of those who consume the mystical energy coming from them!

And her powers don't work with people only. Her oppais can turn mere buttons into powerful projectiles if she insists on wearing tops that don’t suit her.

Take Cover and Enjoy!

Those little accidents in anime are rather fun, especially for oppai lovers! Can you remember any other embarrassing moments for waifus in anime? Share the hottest or funniest scenes you can remember at The Otaku Community so I can see them, too!

Not all these shows are ecchi anime, but you’ll have a good time watching them. Feel free to check the related posts below for more recommendations of fun anime (and anime boobs) to watch!

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