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Top 10 Rias Gremory Illustrations Wearing Extremely Hot Bikinis - Weekly Dose of DxD

Rias is hotter than the Sun, and so are these pics!

Top 10 Rias Gremory sexy pictures wearing bikini

Summer is yet to come, but I can feel the temperature rising. Is it just me?

Actually, it’s her! Rias Gremory is taking off her traditional school uniform and wearing the smallest and sexiest clothes ever!

After seeing these ten sexy illustrations of Rias in a Bikini, I’m sure you’ll burn for the Devil Princess, too!

High School DxD Hero (Season 4) Eyecatch

Rias Gremory taking a selfie
High School DxD, Season 4, Episode 12 (13) ||

One nice touch I loved in season four was how all the waifus in the eyecatches wore swimsuits before the commercial break — and how they were all topless afterward!

Rias already looks so charming and provocative with her strapless bikini top in this picture, and this is just the softer one! You’ll have to watch the episode to see the naughtier versions.

Akeno And Rias Just Found You!

Akeno and Rias at the beach
High School DxD, Promo Art || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

When the days get hot, some people think of going to the beach and enjoying the Sun. Now imagine you’re relaxing under a beach umbrella, and these two sexy waifus approach you. Best. Summer. Ever!

Classic White Bikini

Poster featuring Rias wearing a sexy white bikini
High School DxD, Season 2, Promo Art || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

Rias must have a vast collection of white swimsuits because she often wears one in episodes, games, or promotional material!

The one she’s wearing in this picture is particularly tiny, and you can see almost everything. But who’s to say it’s not the right size? She looks so perfect in it!

A Powerful Black Bikini

Magazine Cover featuring Rias wearing a sexy black bikini
High School DxD, Season 2, Promo Art || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

In contrast to the previous minimal white bikini, do you see how Rias looks strong and confident wearing dark clothes?

Which side of Rias is your favorite? I love both versions!

Matching Swimsuits With Xenovia and Irina,

Xenovia, Rias, and Irina laying down on the sand
High School DxD, Season 2, Promo Art || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

Three gorgeous waifus looking at you like that might be too much. But if you give up now, you’ll miss even lewder images of Rias and other devilish DxD waifus!

So, since we’re here, take a moment to appreciate those beautiful oppais!

Tropical Rias

Rias Gremory dancing
High School DxD, Fantasia Bunko 2017 || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

Rias Gremory looks stunning with all these flower adornments and this coconut bikini top. She has such a beautiful smile as she dances and moves her hips. It’s hard to look away!

Rias and Rossweisse Trying Something New (And Smaller)!

Sexy picture featuring Rias and Rossweisse
High School DxD, Season 3, Promo Art || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

The clumsiness in this picture highlights an essential detail for ecchi lovers!

If you pay attention to their tan lines, you can see they were wearing much more modest pieces previously. I’m glad they changed into such petite options.

Top 3: Are They Even Wearing Anything?

Sexy picture featuring Asia and Rias
High School DxD, Season 4, Promo Art || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

When it comes to getting Issei’s attention, Asia tries hard to surpass (or at least match) Rias’s level of sexiness. And look how bold both waifus went in this image! There’s so little fabric covering them that I can barely see it.

Top 2: Taking It Off

Sexy picture of Rias wearing a purple bikini
High School DxD, Promo Art || Credits: High School DxD Wiki

I can already envision the whole scene!

You’ve just met Rias in her secret place behind the rocks at the sea. She’s proud of you for finding her alone, but you haven’t passed the test yet. Her teasing isn’t your only prize!

Top 1: What A Lewd Monarch

King Rias's card from the Mobage Card Game
High School DxD, Mobage Card Game || Credits: MG-Renders

It’s a shame High School DxD Mobage Card Game closed its servers, but my gratitude for the insane number of lewd waifu pictures will live forever!

This naughty girl, Rias, is taking up her position as the King of her peerage, on her throne and with an expensive crown. She can clearly rule the world; I’d be her loyal subject!

Bonus: Bikini Princess!

Rias Gremory sexy anime figure by The Otaku Box
Bikini Princess Anime Figure - The Otaku Box

What could be better than a series of hot Rias Gremory pictures with her in bikinis than Rias Gremory wearing a bikini as an anime figure?

I know the answer: An anime figure with a removable top!

This is one of the lewdest among all my sexy Rias Gremory anime figures because you can expose Rias’s boobs and appreciate them to your heart’s content.

If You Made It Here Without a Break, Congratulations!

Rias Gremory looked so sexy in all these illustrations that one needs nerves of steel to go through it without being affected by her charm! She’s simply the best waifu ever!

Could you, too, have gorgeous pictures of Rias to share with me and other DxD fans?

Even if you don’t, I suggest looking at sexy waifu images from my otaku friends and me at The Otaku Community. There’s sexiness you can’t find anywhere else available for download!

Images from, High School DxD Wiki, and MG-Renders

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