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The Best Last-minute Gift Ideas to Surprise Anime Lovers

Rent-A Girlfriend, Anime: Chizuru Mizuhara offering a gift
Rent-A Girlfriend, Season 1, Episode 8 || Credits: Rent-A Girlfriend IMDb

Buying gifts for otakus doesn’t need to be troublesome.

Choosing, and especially finding, the right gift for someone can be difficult.

No matter how well we know the person, unless they clearly state what they need or want, we often feel insecure about what to buy for them on special occasions.

Besides, you and I know very well that this task can be even more complicated when the person in question is an otaku! What we like often can’t be found stores!

But it doesn’t mean the options don’t exist or impossible to find them! Sometimes all we need is to be reminded of the options, and that’s what I’m here for!!

Let me save your day with some of the best gift ideas for otakus!

Anime Figures

Mini Anime figures from June's box
Set of SPY x Family Mini Figures from June 2022's box

Who can resist these cuties? Scale or mini figures, like the ones from the image above, are excellent options for both men and women!

If you know the person’s favorite anime but not which character you should pick, why not give them the entire set? I bet these little heroes won’t feel lonely!


Anime merch from The Otaku Box
Anime wearables from different different boxes

Many people use them! Accessories enhance our looks and express our personality!

Bracelets, caps, rings, necklaces… There are plenty of options and I’m sure one will fit! The secret is to pay attention to the person you want to buy a gift for to see what they wear often!

An Acrylic LED Lamp

Anime Acrylic lamp sent in The Otaku Box
Demon Slayer Mask Lamp included in March 2022's Box

People like to give a little bit of personality to their homes, even if just to their room, and Lamps are brilliant decoration items! (got it? Brilliant! Haha!)

Acrylic lamps add a subtle charm to the place while turned off, and the LED colors give an amazing effect to the room when they are on!

A stylish pen

This one works best if you make a matching set with a planner or a notepad, for example!

Everybody needs pens and a katana-shaped pen like this will stand out on a desk! Fancy and handy!

An Alarm Clock

Waifu Digital Alarm Clock
Custom Waifu Alarm Clock from The Otaku Box

Watches and alarm clocks are simple, but extremely useful! Whenever the person who receives it checks the time, they will remember how you cared to choose something they like!

Other equally useful items that can make wonderful presents can be found in this article!

T-Shirts! (And other pieces of clothing)

TOB's Exclusive No Game no Live T-Shirt
No Game no Life T-Shirt from October's Box

Anime themed T-shirts and hoodies are items that are relatively easy to find. In this case, it’s important to know what size the person is, so I recommend it for people with good eyes for clothes sizes or close relationships.

A Little of everything!

If you are still not sure what to choose, I have the best idea ever:

A three-month subscription to The Otaku Box!

Anime products included in December's box
The Otaku Box - December 2022

For the price of one scale figure, they receive unique anime loot for three months! Tell me about a great deal!

Besides the variety, I send items that can’t be found anywhere else, which makes it the perfect gift for every otaku, including yourself!

Ready to go shopping?

The ideas above are great because they suit different budgets and tastes, and aren't simply options "for boys" or "for girls"; they are for everybody!

However, I don’t feel they are the most important part of a celebration.

Presents are symbols of how much we like a person and we enjoy their company and what they do for us, and to me, the gesture is way more important than the object itself.

A gift that causes a good impression is often what we look for, but don’t worry too much! Even a small box of chocolate with a handmade card makes a wonderful gift if it comes from the heart!

Images from IMDb, The Otaku Box

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