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Too many buttons? Here are five creative tips for displaying and using them!

Pinback Buttons from different Boxes
Pinback Buttons from different Boxes

It’s time to do these buttons some justice!

Another month, another anime box, another button, right?

If you have been a subscriber of The Otaku Box for a while, you must have a small collection of pinback buttons with stunning pictures of your waifus by now, don’t you?

And what do you do with them? I know some of my otaku friends out there display them brilliantly at home or everywhere they go (usually not the ecchi ones 😂).

But some keep them in a drawer which is a shame, and I want to solve it TODAY!

So in this article, I’m going to show you how to put good use to all those beautiful buttons I sent you!

If you aren’t a subscriber yet but have several anime buttons around and don’t know what to do with them, this topic is meant for you too! I won’t leave anyone behind!

Idea #1: Be stylish!

Blend-S, Anime
Blend-S, Season1, Episode 11 || Credits: Blend-S IMDb

Stuffing a jacket with pinback buttons may give a 90’s vibe, but why not?

You can pin them to the sides of your shoes or the shoelace. They also look good on hats and headpieces! There are many options and you can replace buttons to suit your mood and outfit!

To avoid damaging your clothes, you can also pin your buttons to casual bags, such as backpacks or purses. And if you attach a small ball chain, for example, it becomes a great keychain!

Idea #2: Display your collection with pride!

If you are afraid you will lose your buttons if you carry them around, you can use a pinboard or a wall display.

You can buy displays of different shapes and sizes online, and with basic DIY skills, you can make your own display! Imagine a display shelf in the shape of an anime logo that you love!

And then you can hang your display on a wall and show off all your waifus at once!

Idea #3: On your Christmas tree!!

K-On, Season 1, Episode 7 || Credits K-On IMDb
K-On, Season 1, Episode 7 || Credits K-On IMDb

Remember what I mentioned about making your anime button into a keychain? What about using the same idea to decorate your Christmas tree?

The otaku personality of your Christmas tree will make even Santa Claus proud! I only advise you again to avoid hanging your ecchi buttons if granny is coming for Christmas dinner.

Idea #4: Keep them safe in a binder

A more discreet way to keep your buttons organized, and show them only to the most important people, is to keep them in a binder!

An advantage of this method is that your buttons will be free from dust and sunlight.

Idea #5: Turn your pinback buttons into magnets and keep your notes (and waifus) in plain sight

Servant x Service, Season 1 || Credits: Servant x Services IMDb
Servant x Service, Season 1 || Credits: Servant x Services IMDb

I saw this idea online, and I thought it was awesome! If you glue a small magnet behind your pinback button, you’ll give it new life and purpose!

Make sure the size and thickness of the magnet are enough to touch the other surface.

By doing that, you have waifu magnets to hold notes in place, or decorate your home!

How do you like to use them?

These are just a few ideas, but with a little creativity, your pinback buttons will gain a whole new life!

I would love to know if these ideas worked for you and if you have different ways to use or show off all the anime items you receive monthly! So I’d really appreciate it if you told me about that on The Otaku Community! 😍

But always remember that the best way to use or to keep something, is the way that makes you comfortable and happy about what you have! The goal is to be happy and have fun!

Images from IMDb

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