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Try To Resist These Pretty Waifus: My First Impressions On Tenpuru!

Here is a quick review of Tenpuru, episode 1, in case you feel like watching it!

Yuzuki, from TenPuru, holding her kimono
TenPuru, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: TenPuru IMDb

The summer 2023 anime season is filled with terrific shows!

There are so many great titles that it’s hard to keep up with everything. Some are old favorites, like Jujutsu Kaisen and Mushoku Tensei. Others quickly escalated in popularity, such as ZOM100.

Thinking about my precious ecchi and waifu lovers who might be hesitant to watch unpopular anime, I watched the first episode of Tenpuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness (a.k.a. Temple).

Here’s my first impression.

Tenpuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness

Akemitsu Akagami, the protagonist of TenPuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness
TenPuru, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: TenPuru IMDb

Temple (or Tenpuru) is a 12-episode show produced by Gekkou that started airing on July 9, 2023. It’s based on a homonymous web manga from 2018, written and illustrated by Kimitake Yoshioka — the artist that illustrated the Grand Blue Dreaming manga.

TenPuru is an ecchi comedy anime that follows the story of Akemitsu Akagami, a young man who was left by his father and grew up being avoided because of his womanizer family history.

Determined to clear his name, Akemitsu refuses to have any connections with women, focusing on his job and studies instead.

But one day, Akemitsu falls in love at first sight with a beautiful and kind young lady due to a small accident. And the lustful instincts of the Akagami get out of control!

Akemitsu sees no solution but to move to a temple where he can become a monk and escape female temptation. However, he meets the girl he had fallen in love with the moment he steps into the sacred place!

Episode 1: You’ll Repay Us With Your Body

Mia, from TenPuru, being filmed in her sleep
TenPuru, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: TenPuru IMDb

The episode starts with a flashback: Five-year-old Akemitsu Akagami watches in awe as his father leaves him to meet as many women as possible — without realizing his pervert father is abandoning him.

As a young adult, Akemitsu is focused on his college entrance exam and a part-time job. He refuses to get anywhere near women, determined to prove he is different from the rest of the Akagami family, known for being hopeless skirt chasers.

But the situation changes when he meets an adorable purple-haired lady during an accident, and it’s love at first sight! Akemitsu fell so hard for her that he let out the lustful behavior the men in his family are known for all at once!

Seeing his life crumble after giving in to his mundane desires, Akemitsu leaves everything behind to start a new life. He chose to become a monk and live in a temple where he could have zero contact with women.

He didn’t know that decision would lead him to an even greater challenge!

Akemitsu, from Tenpuru, with a nosebleed
TenPuru, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: TenPuru IMDb

After reaching the temple recommended by his uncle, he is welcomed by the same beautiful lady he had fallen in love with, Yuzuki Aoba!

The temple had become a nunnery. All the inhabitants are pretty ladies, and Akemitsu finds himself in various lewd misunderstandings.

After the fuss is cleared up by the evening, the young man leaves the temple, determined to avoid the opposite gender. But he missed the last bus.

Yuzuki meets Akemitsu at the bus stop, where they talk some more. He realizes a proper introduction is necessary, but the name Akagami is a curse for the young man again.

His father owes the temple big money. So the girls decide Akemitsu must pay it with his body!

Liz’s Verdict!

Akemitsu and Mia from the ecchi anime TenPuru
TenPuru, Season 1, Episode 1 || Credits: TenPuru IMDb

I found the art style adorable and captivating. The waifus in this anime often show their skin, intentionally or by accident, and it’s impressive how it feels so smooth and soft.

Oppai lovers will surely enjoy seeing the girls’ assets bouncing in strategic, naughty angles throughout the episode!

The plot and jokes reminded me of anime from the early 2000s. It felt like an attempt to revive the old days of ecchi, which would have worked better in a parody anime.

It’s a light-hearted show for days when you want to relax and enjoy the fanservice. Lots of pretty anime girls tease viewers with their curves and seductive voices!

Feel Like Watching This Anime?

Is TenPuru on your watchlist? It’s an excellent ecchi anime to watch if you want to see charming female characters in lewd situations!

What other anime from the Summer season caught your attention? On my Otaku Community, you can discuss all kinds of anime with fellow otakus. You really should check it out.

For more anime recommendations, check the posts below.

Images from IMDb

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