Who are the beautiful yokais waiting for help in Demon's Trick?

Release these waifus at your own risk!

It is always hard to find a favorite among all the fantastic original ecchi stories I have, but undoubtedly one of the most charming original waifus around is Jinko from Demon’s Trick!

Even if you have never read any of my commissioned manga, if you are a subscriber, you may have seen her already, as she was featured in one of the previous boxes along with other amazing anime loot.

Jinko is the main character of Demon’s Trick, another ecchi manga by Shelley and Misha, the talented duo also known as OjiDivision.

Something I love about this story is that it involves beautiful, but dangerous yokais! And I’m so excited to tell you more about it!

What are Yokais?

Ningyo no Zu, Public Domain
AnonymousUnknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The word Yokai can be translated as “strange apparition” or “mysterious phenomena”, and can refer to a series of entities in Japanese Folklore or the “unexplained.” These entities may be good or bad, and some are more dangerous than others.

It is common for dangerous entities to be described as having the appearance of a beautiful woman who lures unwary people and feeds on them!

And these are the ones you’ll encounter in the world of Demon’s Trick:

Ayakashi: wraiths of the seas

Ayakashi (あやかし, another name for the ikuchi, also another name for demons or yokai)
Toriyama Sekien (鳥山石燕, Japanese, *1712, †1788), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The word Ayakashi refers to different events and entities, often related to water, especially the sea, where they pose a threat to sailors.

One of them, the Ikuchi, is a gigantic sea serpent. Their bodies are covered in slippery oil, which sheds as they swim the ocean.

When an Ikuchi approaches a boat, the sea monster wraps itself around the vessel, and sailors must constantly clean its oily slime off of the deck to avoid being capsized by the heavy goo.

Kitsune: Don’t let the cunning fox deceive you

Nine-tailed Fox - Beautiforce, CC BY-SA 4.0
Beautiforce, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Foxes are often seen as smart animals and even a little mischievous, and it isn’t very different in Japan.

In Japanese folklore, kitsune (foxes) possess paranormal abilities that increase with time. The more tails they have, the older, stronger, and wiser they are.

Foxes also have the ability to shapeshift and often transform into young women. Some may use this skill to trick humans and make fun of them; others may use it to lead an ordinary human life.

Whether they are wild tricksters or faithful guardians, they are true to their words and remember their good friends.

Nure onna: Beautiful Lady or Dangerous Snake?

Nure-Onna, Public Domain
Sawaki Sūshi (佐脇嵩之, Japanase, *1707, †1772), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Nure onna are creatures who live near the water, with the head of a woman, with long black hair, and the body of a sea serpent. Their name comes from the fact that they always appear soaking wet.

They are much stronger than humans but prefer to trick their prey instead of using brute force.

Some legends say that a nure onna can magically disguise herself as a woman carrying a baby and will ask people to hold it for just a moment so that she can rest.

If her victim agrees and takes the “baby,” it may become so heavy that the person can’t move, and the nure onna is free to feast on their blood.

Yuki-onna, Freezing Skin, and Burning Heart

Yuki-onna 雪女 from Bakemono no e (化物之繪, c. 1700)
Brigham Young University, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Yuki-onna are described as women of incomparable beauty, wearing clothes that are too light for the freezing cold weather they are found in.

With long black or white hair and piercing eyes, these entities will often hunt humans in snowy areas and may even break into houses at night to drain the life force of their victims.

Even though yuk-onna like to prey on travelers during snowstorms, they may sometimes fall in love, let these men go or even marry them.

Would you let these Demons trick you?

In Demon’s Trick, Jinko (coerces 🤣) convinces the young Hiroki to help her release her friends, so that she can regain her powers.

The boy was simply desperate to get better grades at school and, after praying in a shrine, accidentally broke the seal that imprisoned Jinko.

What would you do? Would you agree to unleash these yokai after knowing what they can do or would you resist Jinko’s charm and leave her all by herself?🥺

Images from Wikimedia Commons

Sources Hyakymonogatari Kaidan, Yokai.com

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