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Why Look For Esdeath in R34? When She's Up For Grabs and Available NOW!

Esdeath is lying on a bed wearing a loose white shirt
Credits: CodeHaven

Hello again, fellow otakus! I've got a nice treat for everyone. We've just released our newest exclusive anime figure, and she's guaranteed to make all your kokoros go doki-doki in the best way possible!

I'm talking about none other than the ultra badass, ultra-hot Esdeath from Akame ga Kill.

Esdeath is the ultimate ice queen; I mean, look at her! She's cold and deadly while also smoking hot and sexy. Talk about a drool-worthy combination.

And let me tell you, this figure does her fierce yet seductive vibe absolute justice. So, let's look at the badest ice queen herself. Try not to get distracted by her oppai cleavage; I bet you can't tee hee.

The Ultimate Ice Queen is Here to Step on You

The new Esdeath figure by The Otaku Box
Credits: The Otaku Box

This Esdeath figure captures all her powerful, dominating energy so perfectly that it'll leave you breathless. She's the ultimate sadistic beauty. I mean, why would you want to settle for just ogling her in R34 when you can make this stunning figure yours forever?

And the cherry on top? You're looking right at them! Her oppai are extremely detailed here, as I wanted to capture that feeling of being smothered by those big juicy oppais. I think I've outdone myself this time, too!

With The Otaku Box, scoring an exclusive waifu like Esdeath to add to your collection is easy peasy. Just a few simple steps, and she'll be gracing your shelves. No risky clicks are required!

How To Make Esdeath Yours

The Otaku Box shop page featuring the three best-selling figures
The Otaku Box shop page

First, hop over to the website landing page and click the top right figure icon to pick your subscription plan. We've got monthly, quarterly, and annual options to suit every budget.

Once that's sorted, just provide the necessary details, like your address and payment info. Then get ready for the main event! In 2-3 weeks, your exclusive Otaku Box will arrive packed with limited-edition merch and figures.

Maybe you'll get a Rias maid figure to fuel your ecchi fantasies. Or a Victuuri poster to embrace your Yaoi shipping. The possibilities are endless! But for now, let's focus on the prize - your very own Esdeath figure to admire (and who knows what else, you naughty kittens).

Unbox her, display her proudly, and bask in her deadly, alluring presence. She's sure to be the centerpiece of your collection.

More Than Just A Box

The Otaku Box is so much more than just a subscription box. It's a whole community of anime lovers just like you and me.

Our Otaku Forum is the place to chat about all your favorite shows and characters. You can geek out with fellow fans, share memes, and discuss the best waifus, husbandos, and Yaoi ships - there's no judgment here!

It's where you can truly level up your fandom experience and connect with a community that loves anime as much as you do. Join us for real and virtual events, exclusive giveaways, and more surprises!

So whatcha waiting for? Make your move on Esdeath today and become part of the ultimate otaku circle. I'll be cheering you on every step of the way!

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