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Dangerously Sexy! 5 Yor Forger Fanarts That Exposes Her Oppai in Full View

Yor Forger laying on a bed with her arms raised

Konnichiwa, do you love Yor Forger? Of course you do! I mean, look at her, she's the full package and more! We’re talking about a gorgeous assassin who is also dangerously sexy, so get ready to feast your eyes on some fan arts that show off her amazing oppai in full view.

Now, I know we all love Yor for her sweet and deadly mix, but these artists have taken it to the next level. These fan arts are not just a treat for the eyes; they’re a whole buffet! Are you ready to see the sultry side of our favorite Thorn Princess? I sure am.

Yor’s Undercover Bikini Disguise

Yor is wearing a blue bikini at the beach
Credits: Yu Arisato - Twitter/X 1.22 MB View full-size Download

Check out this stunning fanart of Yor in a bikini. Isn't she looking super fierce and fabulous?

Those crimson eyes and that curvy figure are simply to die for. But let’s be honest, who can focus on anything else with her gorgeous oppai on full display? I bet your eyes are glued to them.

Imagine running into Yor at the beach. I bet she’s secretly on an assassin mission, even while soaking up the sun. Her confident pose and those killer curves are just too much to handle. This is definitely a summer vibe we can get behind.

Beauty in Traditional Wear

Yor is wearing a black floral dress that tight-fits her body
Credits: Don Ox - Twitter/X

Wowza! Look at Yor in this stunning traditional outfit. Those curves wrapped in that beautiful, floral-patterned dress? Absolute perfection! Her shy smile and the way she blushes make her look adorable, but don’t be fooled—she’s still the Thorn Princess.

This fanart captures Yor’s delicate beauty and killer charm. That dress clings to her in all the right places, showing off her amazing figure and bountiful oppai in full view. It's like she stepped right out of a beautiful dream.

Yor Wearing a Striped Bikini

Yor sits on a wooden table wearing a white and blue striped bikini
Credits: @BestAnimeWaifu - Twitter/X

Here is a fanart of Yor that I dream of seeing in front of me whenever I wake up every morning. Those stripes really highlight her amazing oppai, huh?

She's sitting so casually, but you know she's always ready for action. I'm sure the rest of us are also ready for some action, just not the kind she's probably used to, if you catch my drift. *wink, wink*.

A Heavenly Squat We'd Love On Our Faces

Yor is wearing a red dress and squatting down with her back facing us
Credits: @Ecchisama_ - Twitter/X

Please sit on me, Mommy! Unsurprisingly, oppai isn't the only thing Yor has going for her; let's also have a look at her other 'ass-ets.' See what I did there?

This fanart gives us a perfect view of Yor’s stunning behind, and it's just wow! That red dress is the perfect compliment to her curves, highlighting her perfect form. It’s no wonder she’s got everyone’s attention.

Yor’s Underboob Tease

Yor is wearing a red top that shows her stomach with matching red shorts and stockings
Credits: Joseph Kaisler -

Last but definitely not least, we have this adorable and cheeky fanart of Yor in that red top, giving us a peek of underboob. Talk about a perfect tease. Her playful smile is just icing on the cake, making her look irresistible and full of mischief.

This piece really captures Yor’s flirty and fun side. It’s like she knows how to get your heart racing without trying. How can anyone resist that combo? Well, surprise, you can't.

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